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Release Date:
26 Jun 2022
Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama
60 min

British police series which revolutionised the genre on UK television in the mid 1970s. Jack Regan (see also 'Regan' (1974)) played by John Thaw is a hard edged detective in the Flying Squad of London's Metropolitan police (called 'the Sweeney' from the Cockney rhyming slang 'Sweeney Todd' = 'Flying Squad"). He pursues villains by methods which are underhand, often unlawful themselves, frequently violent and more often than not successful. The series was made on film a preserves a gritty realism inherited from such films as 'Get Carter' (1971)

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  • Season 1 4 episodes
  • Season 2 1 episodes
  • Season 3 1 episodes
  • Season 4 1 episodes


1 Ringer 1975-01-02
Regan and Carter are conducting surveillance on gang of villains led by Frankie Kemble when Jenny, Regan's girl-friend, has her…
10 Stoppo Driver 1975-03-06
In the absence of his regular driver, Regan is assigned Brian Cooney, whose flair for high speed driving leads Carter…
11 Big Spender 1975-03-13
The Smith brothers are heavy duty criminals specializing in hi-jacking and robbery but have yet to be brought to book.…
12 Contact Breaker 1975-03-20
Whilst Danny Keever is on a weekend release from prison, a bank robbery takes place. It has the hallmarks of…


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