Raanjhanaa main cover


Aanand Rai
Release Date:
20 Jun 2013
Drama / Romance
140 min

Kundan, the son of a Hindu pundit, discovers that his childhood sweetheart Zoya loves city-bred Akram and wants to marry him. However, he persistently seeks to win her heart.

The story begins colourfully every scene depicting the hustle of Benares. Enter Kundan a child who falls in love at first sight, the dialogues and the expression convey the dreaminess and crazy mind of the lead who finds out that she is the purpose of his existence at that very moment. The next scene has him ecstatic noticed by his pundit father and this expression continued as a teen showing d only prayer he had for years. As hormones rage he follows her and stalks her.And one fine day musters courage to tell her about his love, for which he gets slapped which he takes with pride as part of his love story. After 15 slaps Zoya agrees to meet him and they are soon caught which prompts her father to shift cities for her. 8 long yrs pass by, Kundan growing ever more deeply in love and the world that he had created, though when she returns she even fails to recognize him, which still hasn't broken his heart. He tries to rejuvenate what he thinks is present -her love for him. Knowing that she sees him only as a mere servant does not deter her from uselessly engaging in encouraging his feelings towards her.Realising this she uses him to gain her own love which she found when she was studying in Delhi. He sees thru her deceiving nature and decides to never see her face not as much even to take her name. But this does not effect her at all, as she continues to shamelessly prod him with her malicious ways. A major twist in the story leaves him guilty and lost. As he tries to get back to his life he faces her again, but this time as a hapless victim of love, time and her pointless fury. He goes through every pain willingly and pays with his dear life for the illusion of love.'Parvaana' that's what Ranjhanaa is in this story, a poignant moving one sided unfailing love for some one who doesn't even deserve it.
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