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Release Date:
08 Aug 2020
Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
30 min

More Action... More Power... More Fun! The most popular superheroes on Earth are now the coolest space travelers in the universe, and this time they've met their match-- literally! The sinister Psycho Rangers know the Power Rangers inside and out, making them all the more difficult to identify and defeat. It's all part of Dark Specter's scheme to steal Zordon's power and spread evil throughout the galaxies, but the real Power Rangers have other plans in mind, and not even the wickedly beautiful Astronema can destroy them...or can she? Go galactic as POWER RANGERS IN SPACE takes you on a power-packed journey through the cosmos that'll keep you on the edge of your Megazord. It's a blast!

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  • Season 1 28 episodes


1 From Out of Nowhere: Part 1 1998-02-06
2 From Out of Nowhere: Part 2 1998-02-13
3 Save Our Ship 1998-02-20
The Rangers return to Earth, and attempt to bond better with alien Andros, who's bemused by our strange culture. Unfortunately,…
4 Shell Shocked 1998-02-27
5 Never Stop Searching 1998-03-06
Carlos stumbles upon Andros watching a video of himself as a child, with his young sister, when she was kidnapped…
6 Satellite Search 1998-03-13
7 A Ranger Among Thieves 1998-03-20
With his four Earthen teammates busy with Math midterms, Andros falls in with a crowd of car thieves at the…
10 The Wasp with a Heart 1998-04-04
11 The Delta Discovery 1998-04-11
17 The Rangers' Mega Voyage 1998-09-12
18 True Blue to the Rescue 1998-09-19
20 Survival of the Silver 1998-10-03
22 The Silver Secret 1998-10-14
23 A Date with Danger 1998-10-15
24 Zhane's Destiny 1998-10-16
25 Always a Chance 1998-10-17
The Rangers encounter Lizward, who has the ability to change places with another person. During a battle, he changes places…
26 The Secret of the Locket 1998-10-21
27 Astronema Thinks Twice 1998-10-23
28 The Rangers' Leap of Faith 1998-10-24
29 Dark Specter's Revenge: Part 1 1998-10-28
30 Dark Specter's Revenge: Part 2 1998-10-29
31 Rangers Gone Psycho 1998-10-30
32 Carlos on Call 1998-10-31
35 Silence Is Golden 1998-11-06
36 The Enemy Within 1998-11-07
37 Andros and the Stowaway 1998-11-11
38 Misson to Secret City 1998-11-12
39 Ghosts in the Machine 1998-11-13


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