Nightmare Nurse main cover

Nightmare Nurse

Craig Moss
Release Date:
05 Mar 2016
Crime / Drama / Thriller
84 min

When a woman and her boyfriend are injured in a car crash, he is left with a leg injury which requires them to hire a nurse, but the woman they select is more trouble than she appears.

The movie starts in a restaurant kitchen where Brooke is employed, she creates a dish for the boss to sample and he likes it and promotes her to top Sioux Chef. Brook's fiancé (Lance) comes to the restraint after being contacted by Brook's co-worker to tell him the news of Brook's promotion. He brings her flowers and her favorite salted caramel cake. She kisses him and thanks him for the gifts and asked him how he knew about her promotion. He tells her that her co-worker called to tell him about it. He then ask the bartender for a beer and a shot of tequila to celebrate. Brook ask for 2 shots of tequila to really celebrate. They leave the restaurant with Lance driving, while talking Lance takes his eyes off the road for a split second to take a bite of the caramel salted cake that he bought for Brook when he turns back to watch the road Brook yells, "look out" and you see the truck hitting a male that walked out in front of the truck. The next scene shows Brook waking up in the hospital yelling for Lance, not able to remember exactly what happened. A nurse by the name of Barb then tells Brook that she had been in an accident. Brook then vaguely begins to remember and ask Nurse Barb about the victim, she says that there was no one else was bought in except for her and Lance and then she tells her that Lance legs were injured badly because they were pinned under the steering wheel. Brook then goes to see Lance and they are told that Lance will need a nurse in the home for 6 weeks to help with his recovery and help nurse him back to health. Brook worries that she will not be able to find such a nurse and ask Nurse Barb abut it/ Nurse Barb tells her that they have a data base that can assist with the search. Upon release from the hospital Brook is approached by a male nurse and he tells her that they have located a nurse to help with Lance's recovery and physical therapy and that it is covered by their insurance. Once they arrive home Brook has the couch set up for Lance lay on while recovering from his leg injury. She helps him on the couch and they begin to discuss him working from home and the new nurse that will be helping out in the home. Brook tells Lance that she spike with her and that she sounds nice and is supposed to come over in the morning for an interview. The next morning after fixing breakfast for Lance the doorbell rings and Brook opens the door and it is the new nurse Chloe. She is stunning to Brooks surprise, she ask her to come in and introduces her to Lance. Lance says jokingly, "I did not know that Maxim Magazine has nurses on the cover" Brook smirks and looks at Lance. Brook then receives a text and it is her job asking her to come in to work. She tells Lance about the text and Chloe volunteers to stay with Lance until she gets off for a trial run to see how it may go. Brook agrees. Lance and Chloe seem to get along fine for the first night. Chloe shows Lance pressure points in his arm and hand that helps relieve tension from other parts of his body. Lance Is enjoying this workout so much that he places his hand on Chloe's thigh and then realizes that it seems inappropriate and jerks away, Brook returns home she comes in with trays of food for her and Lance and ask Chloe to stay to join them for dinner. Chloe declines and says she needs to get home to her boyfriend. Brook then offers Chloe one of the trays to take home because she says that she bought extra. Chloe thanks her for the food and leave but dumps the food in a trash bin outside of Lance and Brook's home on the way out. Chloe makes it home to her boyfriend who appears to be a low life security guard. You can tell by the conversation that they are having and how she reacts that she is not really happy with him. This scene ends with the kissing about to engage in some rough sex. The next morning Brook comes out of the house to put some trash in the bin that Chloe disposed the food that she gave her in. Brook sees the food and her face shows that she is thinking of why Chloe would throw the food away. She gets to work that day and discusses it with her co-worker after the co-worker ask her how the new nurse seems to be. Brook tells her that she seems nice but she is puzzled as to why she would take the food that she gave her and throw it away rather than telling her that she did not want it. The coworker tells her that maybe she is allergic to pasta or something and just did not want to hurt her feelings by telling her. Brook shrugs it off and says yeah, maybe so. Meanwhile while this is Chloe's second night as the nurse on duty for Lance, Lance is sitting on the sofa and tells Chloe that he has to use the restroom so Chloe helps Lance into his chair and into the restroom. Lance struggles to take his pants down to use the restroom, Chloe waits patiently behind Lance watching him struggle. She then reaches over to take his pants down for him. Lance looks back at Chloe expecting her to leave while he uses the restroom. Chloe looks at him and tells him that she is remaining professional and that it is her job to assist him when he needs help even when using the restroom. Chloe then helps Lance back to the couch and tells Lance that Brook called to say that she is working late and ask him if he is hungry. Lance says that he is and would like some Thai food but does not get to have it much because Brook does not like it. Chloe then ells Lance that she loves Thai food and ask him if he want to order in, h agrees. While sitting at the table having dinner (Chloe and Lance) Chloe ask Lance about he and Brook's relationship. She refers to Brook as Lance's wife, Lance tells Chloe that they are not yet married and that he asked to marry Brook but she turned him down and they decided to move in with each other until they decided upon getting married. Brook gives Lance this blank, sad stare. He ask Chloe what is wrong. She replies by saying that she has a boyfriend but is not really happy with him and how she pictured her love life with a prince that catered to her every need. She begins to cry and Lance tells her that if she is not happy she needs to look for better because she deserves better. She stares at Lance and continues to cry, Brook soon returns home with more food and offers Chloe some to take home, this time she says no and Brook proceeds to ask her is she has any allergies to any types of food (trying to figure out why she threw the other food away that she gave her away) Chloe tells her that she does not have any allergies and she leaves. Brook is still confused as to why Chloe would throw the food away and she further discusses it with Lance. He tells her that she is thinking too much into it and to let it go because she is a great person and is really helping him get back to good health. The next morning Brook goes out to the trash bin in the yard to throw trash away and Chloe suddenly appears behind her as she turns around, it startles Brook and she jumps and looks at Chloe and tells her that she looks beautiful. Chloe replies and tells her that she went to Bloomingdales and got a free makeover the makeup counter. Chloe also tells her that she wishes that they were offering free perfume samples of the perfume that Brook was wearing because it smells great. Brook tells her the name of the perfume that she is wearing and Chloe tells her sarcastically about the incident with Lance when she had to help him in the bathroom the night before, Brooke looks troubled but Chloe quickly walks off into the house. Brooke leaves for work. Chloe is showing Lance the pressure pints again to help with the leg pain, this time Lance hand touches Chloe's breast and he quickly pulls away and tells her that he is good. Chloe goes to the kitchen to get Lance his food and meds and comes back to give him his plate and Lance is asleep on the couch. Chloe leans in and kisses Lance and tells him that she can take care of hm. Lance jumps and tells Chloe that she should leave Chloe replies that she will finish the laundry then leave. Lance tells her that there is no need to finish the laundry and for her to just leave now. Chloe cries and pleas and ask Lance to please forgive her and that it will never happen again and to please not fire her. Finally Lance tells her to leave and that he will think about it. The next day Chloe comes in to work and attends to Lance but this time she is acting professionally as if she is only there to do her job and treats him cold. He stops her on her way to the kitchen to fix his food and grab his meds and tells her that he is willing to keep her on as his nurse and that he is sorry for seeming mean to her the night before when she tried to kiss him. She ignores him and ask if she can go to the kitchen to finish her job. She then walks into the kitchen to get his meds and fix his meal and when she is done she brings it to him. Meanwhile Brook returns home and finds Lance on the sofa unresponsive and turning blue as if her has a lack of oxygen, she yells for Chloe and ask her how long has he been that way, Chloe replies that she does not know that she gave him his meds and meal and was in the back doing laundry. Brook calls 911 and they rush Lance to the hospital. When they get to the hospital, Chloe and Brook are sitting in the waiting room and Nurse Barb comes out and both Brook and Chloe stand up to go back to see Lance. Nurse Barb tells Chloe that she cannot come back that only Brook is allowed back to see him. Chloe says that she is his nurse and demands to see him as well. Nurse Barb keeps walking so Chloe tells Brook to text her with the updates. Nurse Barb tells Brook that Lance has a lot of medicine in his blood as if he had been poisoned or had overdosed. She tells Brook that she is lucky to have gotten there when she did. She also tells Brook that she thinks Chloe could be behind it all. When Brook reaches Lance's room, she tells him what Nurse Barb has told her, Lance then tells Brook that he has not been completely honest with her and he tells her about the incident when Chloe kissed him. Brook gets very mad and yells at Lance as she leave the room to contact the Police to tell them about Lance being poisoned. The detective shows up and takes a statement and tells them that they will check out Chloe and get back with them with any information that they find. The next day Chloe shows up at the hospital with flowers and goes to the nurses station to ask to see Lance, they tell her that she is not able to visit him so she tells the nurse to make sure that Lance gets the flowers that she bought. She returns to her car in the parking deck and cries while calling Lances phone and telling him that she is sorry and that she loves him. She then leaves. Back in Lances hospital room Brook is still upset with Lance for not telling her about the incident with him and Chloe the night before. She tells him that she is leaving to go home to take a shower and change her clothes. The scene goes to Chloe arriving at Lance and Brooks home and getting the spare key from under a vase on the porch and entering their home. Brook finally arrives at the house and jumps in the shower not knowing that Chloe has been there in the house. When she gets out the shower she hears glass break and heads downstairs to see what it was, she finds a photo of her and Lance on the floor with a needle stuck in it and she then yells out Chloes name and believes that Chloe was in her home. Brook gets back to the hospital and tells Lance. Lance is being released from the hospital. Barb wheels Lance out of the hospital and tells both him and Brook that she has vacation days coming up and insist that she takes care of Lance while on vacation. Brook says that she could not ask her to do that but Nurse Barb says that she will do it anyway no matter what Brook says. As they are leaving the hospital, they meet their attorney she tells them that she has issued a restraining order and that they will find Chloe and make sure that she stays away from them. Unknowingly, Chloe is at the hospital hiding listening to their conversation with the attorney. She (Chloe) meets the attorney out in the hospital parking lot as she is leaving and tells her that she will not allow her to take her job away from her. They have words and Chloe pushes her and she falls and bumps her head on the cement. Brook and Lance have made it home and are in bed as they receive the phone call that lets them know that there was an accident with the attorney and they are trying to see if Chloe could have been responsible for that accident as well. The next morning Brook receives another call from Nurse Barb letting her know that she has some information that is confidential but felt that they should know that. She then tells her that Chloe has just been admitted to the hospital after trying to kill herself by overdosing. The scene then cuts to Barb entering Chloes room and saying to her that it is nice to see her again. Apparently they know each other. Barb tells Chloe that she has messed up the plans that they had which were to destroy Lances life. (No information is given as to why) Barb then tells Chloe that she switched her daily meds with barbiturates, which is why she is in the ER for an overdose. Barb knows that this will for sure send Chloe to a mental institution. She also tells Chloe that she has taken care of James (which was Chloes boyfriend) and walks out the room. The next scene is Barb arriving at Lance and Brookes home with cookies. Lance answers the door and Barb enters and tells him that she has bought him some cookies (not knowing that the cookies are drugged) Lance eats them and becomes sleepy. In the background Barb is telling Lance that she wants to ruin his life like he ruined hers. She tells him that the man he hit was her fiancé and that she wanted to get him back for that. She has a needle filled with some drug that she plans on giving to Lance but Brook walks in and hits her over the head. Brook rushes over to see if Lance is okay because he is woozy from the drugs that the cookies were laced with. As she is tending to Lance, nurse Barb begins to wake from the hit over the head, she grabs the needle and is coming for Brook with it but Chloe appears with her hospital gown on and a gun and shoots Barb, saving Lance and Brook. During the struggle Chloe was injected with the needle. She lays lifeless on the floor as Brook and Lance make sure that each are okay. Lance ask Brook about what they need to do with Chloe and Brook says lets get her some help At the end of the movie Lance and Brook are sitting in their yard by the pool and Lance hands Brook a box with her favorite cake (Caramel Salted Cake) to Brooks surprise, the cake has a ring in it and Lance ask Brook again to marry hi, This time she says yes She then stands up and pulls a ring out of her pocket and says that she should be the one to ask him now since she said no the first time that he asked her. She then gets on one knee and proposes.
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