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Release Date:
04 Oct 2022
Adventure / Action
60 min

This spin-off from the earlier "Department S" continued the adventures of hedonistic, womanizing dandy Jason King. After leaving Department S, Jason settled down to a full-time career of writing (trashy) Mark Caine novels. He philandered his way around the world, doing research for his stories and tripping over a variety of odd--often verging on surreal--cases, usually involving beautiful women. He was occasionally blackmailed into working for British Intelligence under the threat of being arrested for unpaid back taxes.

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  • Season 1 18 episodes


2 A Page Before Dying 1971-09-22
British Intelligence plan to copy the plot of Jason's book 'A Page Before Dying' to smuggle Gorini,a man who has…
6 As Easy as A.B.C. 1971-11-11
Two English criminals,Charles and Edward,are committing copy-cat robberies stolen from the plots of Jason's books,which causes the police to take…
9 All That Glisters: Part 1 1971-12-08
An antique salt cellar made of gold by Benevenuto Cellini is stolen in California from collector Dreshfield by thief Frankie…
10 All That Glisters: Part 2 1971-12-15
Having killed De Brion,who was out to double cross him,Luca gets on a train to Rome with the Cellini salt…
11 Flamingos Only Fly on Tuesdays 1971-12-29
Arriving at a Caribbean island airport Jason makes a throwaway comment about flamingos,unaware that this is the code word that…
12 Toki 1972-01-05
In France Jason meets Toki,whose boyfriend Jean Le Grand and another gangster Olivier plan to steal a cache of emeralds,after…
15 Nadine 1972-02-02
Whilst Jason is on holiday in Greece a girl called Nadine makes sure that he notices her,has a drink with…
16 A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer 1972-02-09
Jason travels to a South American republic to receive an award - in the form of a medallion - for…
17 If It's Got to Go, It's Got to Go 1972-02-16
On the recommendation of his secretary Myra Jason books into a health clinic run by elderly Dr. Wilstein and the…
18 A Thin Band of Air 1972-03-03
Jason is in Paris along with Lee Bailey,a female photographer who is assisting him with the publicity for his latest…
19 It's Too Bad About Auntie 1972-03-10
Andrew Bishop is a nasty piece of work who lives with,and makes life unpleasant for,his elderly,housebound Aunt Claire. One day,in…
20 The Stones of Venice 1972-03-17
Arriving in Venice,Jason is surprised to learn that he is the apparent author of a book entitled 'The Stones of…
21 A Royal Flush 1972-03-24
A mysterious girl calling herself Karen invites Jason to meet her at the Capri hotel but when he gets there…
22 Every Picture Tells a Story 1972-03-31
Jason makes a stopover in Hong Kong,where his character Mark Caine appears in a Chinese comic strip but with deliberate…
23 Chapter One: The Company I Keep 1972-04-07
A glamorous escort and night-club dancer is murdered in a villa on a Mediterranean island. She has a book which…
24 Zenia 1972-04-14
Whilst travelling on a plane Jason recognizes a man whom he knew from his Department 'S' days to be a…
25 An Author in Search of Two Characters 1972-04-21
In London Jason is paid a great deal of money for a film script only to be relieved of it…
26 That Isn't Me, It's Somebody Else 1972-04-28
Jason has an invitation to go to Italy and stay with Bonisalvi,an international criminal who lives in the most secure…


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