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Release Date:
03 Oct 2022
60 min

Marshal Matt Dillon keeps the peace in rough and tumble Dodge City.

Marshal Matt Dillon is in charge of Dodge City, a town in the wild west where people often have no respect for the law. He deals on a daily basis with the problems associated with frontier life: cattle rustling, gunfights, brawls, standover tactics, and land fraud. Such situations call for sound judgement and brave actions: of which Marshal Dillon has plenty.

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  • Season 1 39 episodes
  • Season 2 39 episodes
  • Season 3 39 episodes
  • Season 4 39 episodes
  • Season 5 39 episodes
  • Season 6 38 episodes
  • Season 7 34 episodes
  • Season 8 38 episodes
  • Season 9 36 episodes
  • Season 10 36 episodes
  • Season 11 32 episodes
  • Season 12 29 episodes
  • Season 13 25 episodes
  • Season 14 26 episodes
  • Season 15 26 episodes
  • Season 16 24 episodes
  • Season 17 24 episodes
  • Season 18 24 episodes
  • Season 19 24 episodes
  • Season 20 24 episodes


1 Matt Gets It 1955-09-10
Matt is critically wounded while attempting to arrest super-fast gunman Dan Grat. Grat runs rampant in Dodge while Matt recovers,…
2 Hot Spell 1955-09-17
Temperatures are high, tempers are short, and Matt is unenviably duty-bound to protect despicable gunman Cope Borden from being lynched…
3 Word of Honor 1955-10-01
Doc is sworn to secrecy to protect a cruel gang guilty of murder. |
4 Home Surgery 1955-10-08
The frightened teenage daughter of a rancher enlists Matt to attempt to save her father's life by amputating his gangrenous…
5 Obie Tater 1955-10-15
A old prospector marries a saloon girl, who like others wants to know where his gold from his prospecting days…
6 Night Incident 1955-10-29
Matt is dubious of young Timmy Wyatt's stories concerning nighttime robberies and assaults, but he agrees to investigate and is…
7 Smoking Out the Nolans 1955-11-05
Matt has the unpleasant task of evicting some squatters from a rancher's land, but the squatters claim the rancher sold…
8 Kite's Reward 1955-11-12
Dillon takes away the gun of Andy Travis after he kills a man in self defense, figuring no one will…
9 The Hunter 1955-11-26
Marshal Dillon has to keep bullying buffalo hunter Jase Murdock from traveling south into Indian territory on a hunt for…
10 The Queue 1955-12-03
Two men cut off a Chinese immigrant's pigtail, and he tells Matt that he can return home to China only…
11 General Parsley Smith 1955-12-10
An inveterate liar is loudly insistent that Dodge City's new banker is a swindler who will abscond with the townspeople's…
12 Magnus 1955-12-24
Chester is concerned when his nomadic and "uncivilized" brother pays a Christmas visit to Dodge, but Magnus Goode proves worldlier…
13 Reed Survives 1955-12-31
Booth Rider is being played for a sucker by the wife of the ranch owner he works for, in the…
14 Professor Lute Bone 1956-01-07
Doc Adams complains vehemently to Matt when a medicine man's opium-laden "cure-all" nearly kills an infant girl. Matt initially finds…
15 No Handcuffs 1956-01-21
Hank Springer who claims the sheriff of Mingo framed him for murder, escapes from Matt's jail, wrongly believing he has…
16 Reward for Matt 1956-01-28
A woman puts a price on Matt's head after he shoots down her husband. |
17 Robin Hood 1956-02-04
Holdup man John Henry Jordan repeatedly escapes conviction by robbing only the wealthy and sparing poorer persons who are potential…
18 Yorky 1956-02-18
A young white boy, taken hostage years earlier by the Pawnee, must steal from or kill a white in order…
19 20-20 1956-02-25
Troy Carver is an aging ex lawman with poor eyesight being chased by a dirt farmer who wants revenge for…
20 Reunion '78 1956-03-03
Jerry Shand finds himself facing a hangman's noose after killing jovial hardware drummer Andy Culley, but Matt learns that Culley…
21 Helping Hand 1956-03-17
Matt saves suspected 18 year old cattle thief Steve Elser, from a would be lynch group, and tries to help…
22 Tap Day for Kitty 1956-03-24
Matt suspects Kitty of shooting and wounding an old man who attempted to abduct her in hopes of forcing her…
23 Indian Scout 1956-03-31
Amos Cartwright is an Indian scout for the army and is suspected of deliberately allowing his troop to be ambushed…
24 The Pest Hole 1956-04-14
When an epidemic of typhoid fever hits Dodge, some citizens want to take the law into their own hands against…
25 The Big Broad 1956-04-28
A large woman and her small companion bring trouble to Kitty's saloon, as the woman has a way of causing…
26 Hack Prine 1956-05-12
Far from Dodge and without a horse Matt Dillon still manages to bring in Lee Trimble...a man wanted for murder.…
27 Cooter 1956-05-19
After Matt exposes gambler Ben Sissle as a cheat, Sissle attempts to extract revenge by giving brain-damaged Cooter Smith a…
28 The Killer 1956-05-26
A brutal killer named Crego is in Dodge. His game is to goad slower men into drawing first and then…
29 Doc's Revenge 1956-06-09
Doc bristles at a stranger who has just ridden in with two friends. With the proverbial blood in his eye,…
30 The Preacher 1956-06-16
The stage coach arrives in Dodge carrying two distinct personalities. Sam Keeler, a loud braggart of a man who boasts…
31 How to Die for Nothing 1956-06-23
Two drunk trail herders, one of whom draws on Matt. Matt is forced to defend himself, and kills the man.…
32 Dutch George 1956-06-30
Slickster Dutch George (that fine actor Robert Middleton) turns up in the middle of the prairie and steals a horse…
33 Prairie Happy 1956-07-07
Matt tries to quell rumors of a planned Pawnee attack. |
34 Chester's Mail Order Bride 1956-07-14
Chester has been writing to a mail-order bride who is now coming to Dodge to marry him. What Chester has…
35 The Guitar 1956-07-21
Weed Pindle is a rather mild mannered wandering guitar player who is in Dodge. A couple of the rowdier cowboys…
36 Cara 1956-07-28
An old flame of Matt's comes to town, but her presence in Dodge may be motivated by more than sentiment.…
37 Mr. and Mrs. Amber 1956-08-04
A struggling prairie couple endures harassment and torment at the hands of the wife's self-righteous brother. |
38 Unmarked Grave 1956-08-18
A distraught middle-aged woman becomes determined to aid a young murderer in Matt's custody after she learns of her own…
39 Alarm at Pleasant Valley 1956-08-25
While on the way back to Dodge, Matt and Chester help homesteaders besieged by Indians. |