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Release Date:
26 Jun 2022
29 min

The comic daily lives of three misfits who share a London flat. Mandy, the beautiful, intelligent blonde who can't seem to keep a job or prevent the wrong men failing in love with her all the time. Matthew who owns the flat but can't step outside yet still manages to live out some bizarre fantasies much to the chagrin of the other occupants. Finally, Martin the red-haired dreamer who can't seem to find the right woman but has been having an on-off relationship with Clare for a long time whilst he searches in vain.

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  • Season 1 6 episodes
  • Season 2 6 episodes
  • Season 3 6 episodes


1 Matthew - a Suitable Case for Treatment 1995-02-27
2 Working Girls 1995-03-06
3 Bad Timing 1995-03-13
4 The Great Escape 1995-03-20
5 Big Wednesday 1995-03-27
6 Fame 1995-04-10


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