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"Disney's Fillmore!" (country "Disney's Fillmore!" USA (complete title))"Fillmore" (country "Fillmore" Greece)

Release Date:
08 Aug 2020
Action / Animation / Comedy / Crime / Family / Mystery / Adventure
30 min

Former delinquent Cornelius Fillmore saw the light, and now fights on the side of justice at X Middle School. Joining him is Ingrid Third, who has a photographic memory. Together, Fillmore and Third fight all those who attempt to break the rules at X, all while keeping Jr. Commissioner Vallejo off their backs and trying to please the school's overly-image-conscious Principal Folsom.

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  • Season 1 13 episodes
  • Season 2 13 episodes


1 To Mar a Stall 2002-09-14
When X Middle School takes delivery of a brand new set of bathroom fittings, a graffiti artist going by the…
2 Test of the Tested 2002-09-21
3 A Wurm in Our Midst 2002-09-28
When the X Middle School library is robbed of its most popular titles, Fillmore is convinced that petty thug Tony…
4 Cry, the Beloved Mascot 2002-10-05
X Middle School's mascot, Lobstee the Lobster, is stolen. Fillmore and Third are having no luck, so Principal Folsom brings…
5 Red Robins Don't Fly 2002-10-12
The Red Robins are a ruthless extra-curricular club who strong-arm other school societies out of the confectionery retail business. Third…
6 Next Stop, Armageddon 2002-11-20
7 Nappers Never Sleep 2002-11-09
The world's longest surviving virtual pet - Duappy - belongs to X Middle School pupil Everitt Konquist. But days before…
8 Ingrid Third, Public Enemy #1 2002-11-16
9 A Cold Day at X 2002-11-23
Fillmore believes that a group of pupils are planning to steal an algebra test during a Snow Day, but the…
10 Masterstroke of Malevolence 2003-02-15
11 Two Wheels, Full Throttle, No Brakes 2003-02-22
X Middle School is plagued by a spate of scooter thefts, and ambitious student council member Derek Minna sets up…
12 Of Slain Kings on Checkered Fields 2003-05-10
13 A Forgotten Yesterday 2003-05-17


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