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Eye of the Beast

Gary Yates
Release Date:
18 Mar 2008
90 min

A couple, Krissy Neepenak (Larissa Tobacco) and Robbie McGregor (Brian Edward Roch), is making it out on a boat at night. Suddenly, she hears something, but he laughs it off, it's just a hapless animal. A little while later, she compalins because of his cold wet hands. He realises it's not him: it's the cold wet tentacle of a huge octopuss. The monster crashes the boat and only Robbie survives.
Dan Leland (James Van Der Beek) arrives to the town to make an objective assessment of the reduction in number of the catch. Katrina Tomas (Alexandra Castillo) is the new sheriff of the town, so she asked the government to investigate into the matter. She takes the scientist to the ship of Gunnar Thorson (Arne MacPherson) who is rude to him because he thinks it'll be all a waste of time. The fishermen think it's just the native's fault, because they fish whatever they want without a licence. Jordy (Erik Fjeldsted) and Spider (Stephen Eric McIntyre), two of the fishermen, constantly blame the Indians.
The first thing which Dan realises is that a huge bank of fish has suddenly disappeared. The sonar of Dan detects a huge something which does not responde to the radio messages. They approach the thing and it's the remains of the boat of John McGregor, Robbie's father. The fishermen find the body of Bobbie lying there, completely unconscious. They take him to their fishing boat.
Robbie is barely alive. He talks about a monster in North Point who threw him overboard and ate Krissy. He dies immediately afterwards. Dan studies the remains of the boat and takes photographs of them. When Katrina sees to the dead body of Robbie, the fishermen don't want to talk about the "monster squid", and say that Robbie was having hallucinations. Will Neepanak (Ryan Rajendra Black) appears to see the body of Robbie. He blames Katrina because she thought it useless to look for his sister Krissy until 24 hours had gone by. Will never had liked Katrina anyway.
Another tourist has disappeared, a James "Jim" Connor (Ryland Thiessen) who first was walking by the beach shore, and the next second, he's nowhere to be seen. He leaves wife and two children. Soon afterwards, Katrina and Dan find the torso of a dead man on the shore. Katrina asks for an autopsy specialist to come for the town, but it will take 72 hours.
Katrina and Dan go to drink something to a bar. They say the 10 reasons why fishing is better than sex. Soon afterwards, a dry-land fisherman finds the leg of Jim. Katrina forbids everybody to fish all around the lake. Dr Mark Gorman (Tom Anniko) and Dr Dana Perch (Adrianna O'Neill), from the same agency as Dan, the NORA, find that the proofs are unconclusive. They think that there is no squid as big as that, and least of all in a lake. They don't even want Dan to talk about to anybody. Dr Gorman wants Dan to take the first flight out of the island.
The waitress of the bar, Candace (Alicia Johnston), explains to Dan the dangers for the economy of the region: without the fish factory, there will be poverty and misery all over the region. Candace also tells Dan that Katrina is a liar: when she was a child, her father disappeared in the lake, and she told everybody about the monster who took her father. Dan faces Katrina with that information, and admits NORA's refusal to keep the investigation open. Katrina says that everybody laughed about her, but that she still knows that what she saw was true. Dan says that NORA will try to protect the squid, so that even if they believed him, the fishery would have to be closed down.
Jen Thorson (Kelly Wolfman) and Ryan (Gabriel Daniels) is talking about the future of the town. The squid attacks when he is with Jordy. Jordy cuts one of the tentacles, and shows it to everybody. Jordy and Spider want to kill the animal.
Katrina and her mother (Kyra Harper) talk. Dan appears in the middle of the night, knocks at Katrina's door and asks for two ships. Jordy, Spider and Gunnar want to kill the squid on their own.
The first plan devised by Dan fails. They think of a second one: they are going to kill it with electricity. However, the huge squid kills Will, Jordy and Spider.
Gunnar is relieved. Dan jumps to the water to help Katrina, whose foot got tangled on a piece of coil.
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