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Release Date:
09 Feb 2023
Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
45 min

The Doctor is a eccentric alien scientist from the planet Gallifrey, planet of the Time Lords, a race of supreme beings who have discovered the secrets of time travel and they never interfere with the affairs of other planets and they only observe and gather knowledge. The Doctor decides to leave Gallifrey because he is bored and he decides to go and explore the universe on-board a space/time machine "The TARDIS" which is in the shape of a police box from the 1950's. Like all Time Lords, The Doctor can "Regenerate" (Change his appearance and personality when his body is worn out and he is mortally wounded). During the many years of The Doctor's travels through time and space, he is joined by various companions: His granddaughter Susan, School Teachers Ian and Barbara, crash survivor Vicki, space pilot Steven, Trojan handmaiden Katarina, Space Special Security agent Sara, Cockney girl Dodo, secretary Polly, Cockney sailor Ben, Scottish highlander Jamie, Girl from Victorian times Victoria, Intelligent astropyscist Zoe, Military officer Brigadeer Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart, scientist Liz, U.N.I.T agent Jo, journalist Sarah, Naval medical officer Harry, tribal warrior Leela, Time Lady Romana, mathematical genius Adric, determined Nyssa, Australian flight attendant Tegan, alien exile Turlough, shape-shifting android Kamelion, American student Peri, computer programmer Mel and explosives expert Ace. The Doctor battles the galaxy's most evil beings: The Daleks, mutants into robotic bodies hell bent on exterminating all life in the galaxy, The Cybermen, robotic humanoids from the doomed planet Mondas, Davros, the Dalek's crippled creator and The Master, a time lord gone bad. The Doctor is also scientific advisor to U.N.I.T (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) commanded by Brigadeer Lethbridge Stewart to combat alien menaces that threatens Earth. Travelling with The Doctor through time and space on-board "The TARDIS" and fighting alien menaces and the galaxy's most evil begins is the adventure of a lifetime you'll never forget...

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  • Season 1 42 episodes
  • Season 2 39 episodes
  • Season 3 45 episodes
  • Season 4 43 episodes
  • Season 5 40 episodes
  • Season 6 44 episodes
  • Season 7 25 episodes
  • Season 8 25 episodes
  • Season 9 26 episodes
  • Season 10 26 episodes
  • Season 11 26 episodes
  • Season 12 20 episodes
  • Season 13 26 episodes
  • Season 14 26 episodes
  • Season 15 26 episodes
  • Season 16 26 episodes
  • Season 17 20 episodes
  • Season 18 28 episodes
  • Season 19 26 episodes
  • Season 20 23 episodes
  • Season 21 24 episodes
  • Season 22 13 episodes
  • Season 23 14 episodes
  • Season 24 14 episodes
  • Season 25 14 episodes
  • Season 26 14 episodes


1 An Unearthly Child 1963-11-23
Two schoolteachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, become concerned by the unusual behavior of their fifteen-year-old student, Susan Foreman. When…
2 The Cave of Skulls 1963-11-30
3 The Forest of Fear 1963-12-07
4 The Firemaker 1963-12-14
5 The Dead Planet 1963-12-21
The TARDIS lands in a petrified forest on an alien planet. Determined to explore, the Doctor leads his companions into…
6 The Survivors 1963-12-28
7 The Escape 1964-01-04
8 The Ambush 1964-01-11
9 The Expedition 1964-01-18
10 The Ordeal 1964-01-25
11 The Rescue 1964-02-01
12 The Edge of Destruction 1964-02-08
In this completely TARDIS-based story, the crew find themselves and their ship acting very strangely indeed. Blame runs high for…
13 The Brink of Disaster 1964-02-15
14 The Roof of the World
The TARDIS arrives on Earth in the 13th century, where it is claimed by famed explorer Marco Polo as a…
15 The Singing Sands
Tegana sabotages the party's water bags, leaving them in dire need of fresh supplies. |
16 Five Hundred Eyes
The Doctor and Susan are able to supply Marco with condensation that has formed inside the TARDIS, saving the group…
17 The Wall of Lies
The Doctor's group manage to rescue Barbara from the Mongols but once more Marco remains unaware of Tegana's involvement. |
18 Rider from Shang-Tu
The Doctor and his friends elect to warn Marco of Acomat's attack even though it means losing their chance to…
19 Mighty Kublai Khan
The Doctor, Ian and Barbara are forced to surrender to Tegana and Marco, leaving both of them the opportunity to…
20 Assassin at Peking
Tegana finally makes his move to assassinate the Khan, giving the Doctor and his friends an opportunity to thwart his…
21 The Sea of Death 1964-04-11
On the planet Marinus, the Doctor and his companions are enlisted by Arbitan to seek out the keys to an…
22 The Velvet Web 1964-04-18
23 The Screaming Jungle 1964-04-25
24 The Snows of Terror 1964-05-02
25 Sentence of Death 1964-05-09
26 The Keys of Marinus 1964-05-16
27 The Temple of Evil
The TARDIS arrives on Earth landing in 16th century Aztec society. Barbara goes off exploring - despite the Doctor's orders…
28 The Warriors of Death
The Doctor admonishes Barbara for interfering with Aztec rituals and putting them all in danger. The Doctor suggests she play…
29 The Bride of Sacrifice
There is to be a sacrifice in three days time and Barbara is determined to stop it. Ian recovers from…
30 The Day of Darkness
Ian finds a way out of the flooded tunnel and into the burial chamber. He is later arrested however when…
31 Strangers in Space 1964-06-20
The TARDIS arrives aboard a spaceship that has been captured by the Sensorites, a hearing-sensitive alien race. The Sensorites are…
32 The Unwilling Warriors 1964-06-27
33 Hidden Danger 1964-07-11
34 A Race Against Death 1964-07-18
35 Kidnap 1964-07-25
36 A Desperate Venture 1964-08-01
37 A Land of Fear 1964-08-08
The TARDIS lands during the French Revolution, where Ian, Barbara, and Susan become caught up in the politics of the…
38 Guests of Madame Guillotine 1964-08-15
39 A Change of Identity 1964-08-22
40 The Tyrant of France 1964-08-29
41 A Bargain of Necessity 1964-09-05
42 Prisoners of Concergerie 1964-09-12


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