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Release Date:
26 Mar 2023
Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
24 min

John Drake was a special operative for NATO, specializing in security assignments against any subversive element that threatened world peace. The series featured exotic locales from all over the world, but it was relatively down-to-earth and realistic--especially when compared to its successor, "Secret Agent".

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  • Season 1 21 episodes
  • Season 2 12 episodes
  • Season 3 6 episodes


1 View from the Villa 1960-09-11
The killing of a man who embezzled five millions dollars of gold bullion prompts secret agent John Drake to investigate.…
2 Time to Kill 1960-09-18
When a professor is murdered in broad daylight, secret agent John Drake is enlisted to track down the assassin. He…
3 Josetta 1960-09-25
A foreign senator is murdered in the presence of his blind relative, Josetta. Rioting ensues due to a rumor that…
4 The Blue Veil 1960-10-02
John Drake visits the Arabian coast to investigate unlawful slave trading. Disguised as a slave trader himself, his questions meet…
5 The Lovers 1960-10-09
Baravian President Pablo Gomez and his wife Maria visit London. Their government suspects Baravian exiles may be plotting against them,…
6 The Girl in Pink Pajamas 1960-10-16
President Varnold, the leader of a friendly country, is in critical condition after an assassination attempt. His location in a…
7 Position of Trust 1960-10-23
A corrupt Arabian government is selling opium directly to wholesalers, and secret agent John Drake hopes to halt their trade.…
8 The Lonely Chair 1960-10-30
Patrick Laurence, a wealthy, wheelchair-bound man, has access to top-secret documents. Therefore when his daughter goes missing, Drake fears the…
9 The Sanctuary 1960-11-06
Liamond, a rebel jailed several years ago for a bombing incident, is being released and is on his way to…
10 An Affair of State 1960-11-13
John Drake visits the tiny nation of San Pablo to investigate an apparent suicide. The victim, Winfield, was a US…
11 The Key 1960-11-20
Secret information has been leaking from the US embassy in Vienna. John Drake plants a fake document with one of…
12 The Sisters 1960-11-27
The British suspect that "Nadia," a professor seeking asylum in their country, may be an impostor. John Drake is sent…
13 The Prisoner 1960-12-04
After receiving a death sentence in a foreign country, American James Carpenter has spent the last five years seeking refuge…
14 The Traitor 1960-12-11
John Drake trails a foreign agent to Kashmir, hoping to discover how he is passing secret information out of the…
15 Colonel Rodriguez 1960-12-18
Colonel Rodriguez, the Chief of Police on an island nation, takes an American journalist into custody as a scapegoat for…
16 The Island 1961-01-01
Two professional assassins that John Drake is escorting to the United States force an airplane down on a desert island.…
17 Find and Return 1961-01-08
The British government are after a woman named Vanessa, wanted for alleged espionage. John Drake visits the foreign country where…
18 The Girl Who Liked G.I.'s 1961-01-15
The death of a G.I. working on top secret projects prompts concern. Secret agent John Drake learns that the G.I.…
19 Name, Date and Place 1961-01-22
Drake investigates a rash of killings, all linked by the way in which the victims were killed. He suspects an…
20 The Vacation 1961-01-29
While on his way to a vacation, Drake recognizes a fellow airline passenger as a professional assassin. He decides to…
21 The Conspirators 1961-02-05
A British diplomat is murdered in an attempt to cover up a scandal. John Drake believes the diplomat's wife is…


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