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Release Date:
16 Feb 2020
Comedy / Family
80 min

It's 1996 and 4th grader, Cecil Stevens, is reminded of his terrible lisp every time he says his name. To avoid social travesty, Cecil decides to change his hard to pronounce name to the one and only, Michael Jordan.

It's 1996 and fourth grader Cecil Stevens (Sark Asadourian) finds himself switching to a new school after his parents (Jason London, Jenna von Oy) decide to separate. Cecil becomes fast friends with Abby (Christa Beth Campbell), a rambunctious school newspaper reporter, but gets off to a rough start when she notices that, due to his horrible lisp, he can't pronounce his own name.

Cecil and Abby try several methods to avoid Cecil's pending social travesty by hiding the lisp, including an English accent and being mute. But alas none of them will do and they realize they must take matters much further. Cecil must change his name for good. They decide to change it to something legendary, something cool, something without any "esses," something like... Michael Jordan!

After school Cecil's grandmother, Peggy (Mary Alfred Thoma), takes Cecil and Abby to the local grocery store and convinces them that he can legally change his name there. Upon further investigation they find out that in order for the teachers to stop calling him Cecil, they must sneak into the principal's office and change the name within the database. Together they get the job done.

Things are starting to look up for Cecil, or rather Michael Jordan, as he quickly becomes the most popular kid in the school. Cecil finally has friends, popularity, and most importantly, a name he can say with confidence. After seeing the positive effect of Cecil's name change, Abby, Cecil and their new friend, Martha (Sophie Harris), decide they must capitalize on the opportunity and sell new names to all the kids at the school. The kids go to work and their business booms. It's not long before the money is rolling in and their school is full of nineties' celebrities ranging from Tupac Shakur to Bill Clinton.

At the peak of the trios popularity, everything comes crashing down when the Principal (Jay Walters) and his money hungry bookie (Aaron Munoz) find out about their business operation. They quickly black mail the kids into giving all the profits to the Principal.

Cecil and Abby smell something fishy about the Principal's demands so they plan a top secret mission to investigate the Principal's house and to seek revenge. They sneak in through a ventilation system, "Mission Impossible" style, and discover that the Principal's been stealing the school's funds to support a taxidermy business. Before they leave, they lower a piece of the infamous school cafeteria "brownie surprise" into the sleeping the Principal's mouth. He poops his pants instantly. He pursues them but they narrowly escape as he stops to relieve himself.

At the school's final basketball game the disgruntled Principal demands that Cecil not only stand in front of the entire school and state his real name but also come clean about selling fake names to all the students. Abby shows up in the nick of time with a new story fresh off the presses exposing all of the Principal's shady dealings. With the help of Cecil's teachers, parents and friends, the Principal is exposed and detained.

Cecil regains his popularity but decides he doesn't need it when he has true friends like Abby. They all realize they need to be accepting of one another regardless of any weird quirks they may have.
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