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Casualty 1906

Release Date:
03 Dec 2006
60 min

Casualty 1906 is an innovative hospital drama that plunges the viewer into the Receiving Room (today's A&E) of the London hospital deep in the teeming East End. The drama is shot with the pace and action of its modern day counterpart and namesake, Casualty, but every case and character is true. Focusing on cases, characters and events taken from the actual hospital records, nurse's Ward Diaries and intimate memoirs, 'Casualty 1906' is an unbroken experience of life with pioneering doctors and nurses a hundred years ago among the desperately poor.

In 1906 London, the casualty room of the London Hospital deals with a wide variety of cases. As a charity hospital, they refuse no one and are also located in the East End where the working poor are in the majority. The cases include a man whose tried to take his own life; a young boy, Teddy, with rickets; and a Russian immigrant and supposed anarchist, Abraham Goldman, who was beaten by the police. Mr. Wilson is a pioneering radiologist and has been amazing everyone with his revealing use of x-rays. He's paying a heavy price however. Nurse Mary Green is dismissed because of her relationship with a doctor. When Nurse Ada Russell is seen in public with Dr. James Wilson by a young colleague, Probationer Eastwood, she now fears for her own future. When Matron Luckes discusses the situation with Ada, she makes a surprising offer. The hospital has to battle an outbreak of infection in one of the wards.
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