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Release Date:
04 Oct 2022
Action / Crime / Sci-Fi
50 min

When Nick Beckett (a worker at a Government agency called 'The Hive') is framed over the murder of an official, he seeks help from a company called Gizmos (run by Ros Henderson, with help from her friend, Ed). Together they hunt the villains and go freelance. The BUGS team is formed and begins to solve cases of hi-tech crime and espionage.

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  • Season 1 10 episodes
  • Season 2 10 episodes
  • Season 3 10 episodes
  • Season 4 10 episodes


1 Out of the Hive 1995-04-01
Helicopter pilot Ed has been hired by government agency 'The Hive' to deliver a top secret satellite device, powerful enough…
2 Assassins Inc. 1995-04-08
Ed, Ros and Beckett (now working as freelance surveillance team 'Gizmos') are hired by the Bureau of Weapons to obtain…
3 All Under Control 1995-04-15
The Gizmos team is called in when a passenger jet is temporarily hijacked by remote control, and a ransom demand…
4 Down Among the Dead Men 1995-04-22
Ed, Ros and Beckett are hired by a large city bank to investigate Bryan Brody, a former employee who has…
5 Shotgun Wedding 1995-04-29
When prominent Italian politicians Anna Fabrizi and Alberto Corelli arrive in London for a conference on anti-corruption, an assassin called…
6 Stealth 1995-05-06
When two mysterious young women attempt to steal a prototype sports car, Gizmos are hired by vehicle manufacturer Tronix to…
7 Manna from Heaven 1995-05-20
New Earth Foods is days away from launching 'Phodex', a revolutionary type of food with the potential to end world…
8 Hot Metal 1995-05-27
When Millenium Metals discovers that their new R6 metal becomes dangerously volatile if exposed to certain sound frequencies, it becomes…
9 A Sporting Chance 1995-06-03
When several athletes collapse into comas at a sports institution, Gizmos are hired to find out why. The athletes are…
10 Pulse 1995-06-10
After several company executives either disappear or meet with fatal accidents, Ed is concerned that his old friend Claire may…


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