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Release Date:
20 Oct 2019
Drama / Crime
60 min

Former private investigator Barnaby Jones comes out of retirement to find the person who killed his son Hal. With the aid of fellow P.I. Frank Cannon, Barnaby eventually finds his son's killers. Barnaby then decides to come out of retirement and resumes his practice with Hal's widow Betty serving as his secretary. A few years later, Barnaby's cousin Jedidiah (a.k.a. J.R.), a law student, seeks Barnaby's help in finding the killers of his father. Just like a few years earlier, the two find the men who killed J.R.'s father and as a result J.R. decides to stay on with Barnaby working as his legman while he is studying law. Their contact on the L.A.P.D. is Lt. John Biddle.

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  • Season 1 13 episodes


1 Requiem for a Son 1973-01-28
2 To Catch a Dead Man 1973-02-04
3 Sunday: Doomsday 1973-02-25
4 The Murdering Class 1973-03-04
5 Perchance to Kill 1973-03-11
6 The Loose Connection 1973-03-18
7 Murder in the Dolls House 1973-03-25
8 Sing a Song of Murder 1973-04-01
9 See Some Evil, Do Some Evil 1973-04-08
10 Murder Go-Round 1973-04-15
11 To Denise, with Love and Murder 1973-04-22
12 A Little Glory, a Little Death 1973-04-29
13 Twenty Million Alibis 1973-05-06


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