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Release Date:
04 Oct 2022
Sci-Fi / Adventure
50 min

Edwardian adventurer Adam Adamant is frozen alive in a block of ice by his arch-nemesis The Face in 1902 ; in 1966 workmen discover him and he is revived, perfectly preserved... but completely bewildered by his new environment, "swinging 60's" London, until he meets up with the beautiful Georgina Jones, who helps him adapt - and before long, he is back to adventuring, solving crime & fighting evil wherever it may lurk...

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  • Season 1 15 episodes


1 A Vintage Year for Scoundrels 1966-06-23
2 Death Has a Thousand Faces 1966-06-30
3 More Deadly Than the Sword 1966-07-07
4 The Sweet Smell of Disaster 1966-07-14
5 Allah Is Not Always with You 1966-07-21
6 The Terribly Happy Embalmers 1966-08-04
7 To Set a Deadly Fashion 1966-08-11
8 The Last Sacrifice 1966-08-25
9 Sing a Song of Murder 1966-08-25
10 The Doomsday Plan 1966-09-01
11 Death by Appointment Only 1966-09-08
12 Beauty Is an Ugly Word 1966-09-15
13 The League of Uncharitable Ladies 1966-09-22
15 The Village of Evil 1966-10-06
16 D for Destruction 1966-10-13


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