Todd Robinson

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
28 November 1969 Orange, California, USA
5' 11" (1.80 m)
Todd has been performing since he was a toddler, singing and imitating movie stars for "Gramma Winkie". He landed principal roles in all of his school productions, and knew early on that a career in the performing arts was his calling -- as well as the day jobs that accompanied it. After doing a stint in the Navy, and a brief, yet eventful fling with Rock&Roll, Todd found himself in a circle of film makers... and feeling quite comfortable there. He has extensive experience on both sides of the camera, but of late, he has enjoyed spending a majority of the time in front of it. Todd is an ardent supporter of independent film makers -- and in Portland, is fortunate to work and play with some of the nation's best. He lives with his significant other, Lara, and their beloved cats.