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Tim Sullivan

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2 July 1964 South Planfield, New Jersey, USA
Tim Sullivan began his career as a teenager pumping fake blood for the 80s cult horror flick The Deadly Spawn (1983). This brought him to New York University where he studied film and wrote the music news for MTV. Upon graduation, Tim served in various capacities on 'Three Men And A Baby', 'Cocktail', 'Coming To America' and 'Godfather III' before co-producing the independent hits 'If Looks Could Kill' and 'America Exposed'. In 1990, Tim moved to LA where he worked in development at New Line Cinema for five years. It was there that he first encountered Detroit Rock City (1999), which he eventually co-produced, finding himself yet again pumping fake blood- though this time for Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS. Having formed New Rebellion Entertainment, Tim made his directorial debut with the Lions Gate horror-comedy, 2001 Maniacs (2005), followed by the hip hop terror anthology, Hood of Horror (2006). With these admittedly over-the-top, decidedly non-PC "Splatsticks" under his belt, for his next project, Driftwood (2006), the filmmaker decided to tackle another type of horror: the post-Columbine American trend of privately owned and operated "Attitude Adjustment Camps" for youths deemed troubled and problematic by their parents. A complete flip in vibe from previous efforts, "Driftwood" is a character driven, supernatural teen thriller that has been described as "Stand By Me" meets "Ghost Story". It's Sullivan's way of expressing his driving philosophy that no one should be forced to be what they are not, for if and when that does occur, the real nightmares truly do take shape. Out now, a double dose of 2001 Maniacs; first the graphic novel from Avatar Press followed by 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010), its much anticipated and demanded sequel set for release July 2010 from First Look Studios. While not making movies, Sullivan serves as the celebrity director and judge on the VH1 hit reality/talent show, "Scream Queens" (2008).
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