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Thomas Mariano

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
24 February 1969 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
5' 9" (1.75 m)
He was born Thomas William Mariano, on February 24, 1969 in Boston Massachusetts, into a Italian-Catholic family, the one of 2 children of Lino and Lois Mariano. His parents eventually divorced and Thomas, finding himself on his way to California with his mom and sister Susan. In California Thomas found a positive outlet performing in school plays and became involved in the local cable station and church -- acting, writing, and directing. At the age of 15, he got his on cable show on the local cable channel on how to fix bikes.Following a great start with his bike show on cable Thomas found his self wanting to move back to Boston with his Father. Thomas moved back to Canton Massachusetts in 1986 were he attend Canton High and graduated in 1988.Thomas not knowing what he wanted to do next in life he want to work for his uncle in the family bakery. After working in the family bakery off and on for a few years Thomas landed a job in collections. One thing he was good at was talking and he did very well in the collections world. Thomas would always think back about the cable show he did and one day wanted to make it in to movies or TV. When getting a new collections job in Stoughton Massachusetts Thomas met up with Chris Tyrrell who was looking to get his independent film "Naught Or Nice" off the ground and asked Thomas if he would like to help. Tom energetically agreed to help. Bjort Productions was ecstatic, because Thomas runs his own fugitive recovery agency, TNT Fugitive Recovery and Security Agency "tntfra" If anyone could find a producer for us, he could. Tragically, Tom misunderstood Bjort Productions, and was agreeing to be the producer. After that, it just would have been awkward to say no to him. So we kept him on.Thomas has always loved movies, some even not from the "adult" genre. His history in the arts is comparable to most people's standard film experience. His cousin, "Boston Rob", was one of the members of "Survivor: Marquesas." and "Survivor All- Star". His friend Dave, who works for Stan Wiston, offered Tom the chance to be in films such as "Congo" and "Battlefield Earth." Tom & Dave considered writing a film about wolves.He graduated from the Foxboro Police Academy, later working as a Special Police Officer in Boston. He co-created a web design company, Toka Studio "tokastudio". And he is president of the aforementioned fugitive recovery agency. What little spare time he has, and we have to imagine it's little, he loves spending it with his lovely wife Tina, and his daughter Gianna.Thomas was, truly, a welcome addition to Bjort Productions. He created the excellent Bjort Productions web site from scratch, and is heavily involved in the producing duties for "Spilled Milk," which will resume production in the Spring. Also he's buying a clapboard. So Tom Mariano is indeed a full-fledged awesome man.He first showed up in big screen drama. Making his debut as "Eddie" the cook in the movie Naught Or Nice in (2005). Also in (2005) Thomas was in the TV special Rob and Amber Get Married. Thomas showed up on Fox 25 in Boston in (2006) as Stormtropper on the Fox 25 morning show.
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