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Sigrid Thornton

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12 February 1959 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Austr
Not well known in the States, lovely Sigrid Thornton has been one of Australia's most popular leading ladies since the 1980s, gracing a number of classic "Down Under" films and TV mini-series. If she is remembered at all here it would be for her portrayal of Jessica Harrison in the visually resplendent western saga The Man from Snowy River (1982) and its sequel The Man from Snowy River II (1988). Sigrid Thornton initially set foot on her homeland stage at age 9 and four years later had made her TV debut. At 18, she was making films, her debut being The F.J. Holden (1977), which was part of the "new wave" of Australian cinema. She recently revived her star on Aussie TV ("SeaChange") and has been copping favorite actress and favorite TV star awards from her public. She lives with her producer/assistant director husband Tom Burstall, who has been involved in quite a few of her film projects, including Snapshot (1979), Duet for Four (1982), Niel Lynne (1985) and _Slate, Wyn & Me (1987)_. They have two children, Ben and Jaz. Sigrid also continues to work tirelessly for children and World Vision.
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