Patrick Michael Strange

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
9 November 1977 San Diego, California, USA
5' 7" (1.70 m)
Actor, model, writer, producer, publisher, photographer, teacher... the list goes on for Patrick Michael Strange... most just call him, The Golden Child... and he is the personification of the multi-hyphenate. He is a creative genius who is able reach deep inside his soul to bare the imagination that lies within us but few of us are able to tap into.Patrick Michael Strange was born on November 9, 1977 in San Diego, California. He is the first of two children; his younger sister is Michelle Lynn Strange. His father, Samuel Arthur Strange, is a retired US Navy sailor hailing from San Francisco, California; while his mother, Dianalyn Llamado Fiandler, was born in Cavite City, Philippines.At an early age, while learning to read and write, he already showed inclinations of creativity. He astounded his family and friends with his pencil drawings and other artistic creations. He played dress-up frequently and acted out characters such as Zorro and Batman. As the son of a military man, Patrick and his family traveled frequently. After leaving San Diego, he lived in Sigonella, Sicily (Italy); Winter Harbor, Maine; Goose Creek, South Carolina; Gulfport, Mississippi and Port Orchard, Washington. With all these moves, friendships were lost and life grew further difficult for him. To help with the transitions, friends became the characters in the books that Patrick read and were ones that he could always take with him. Book after book was gobbled up with intensity. Later, a love for art arrived that eventually melded these passions in the form of comic books. Patrick grew an immense love & appreciation for the sequential art form. Adding to the mix, the original "Star Wars" trilogy and films such as Indiana Jones and E.T. opened his eyes to even deeper imagination and storytelling... the world of cinema.Born of mixed heritage (Filipino, Irish & German), his upbringing was also a search for identity that would eventually become his greatest strength and motivation. From youth to teen years, where-in race and social classification grows rampant, his "outsider" persona - being that he was always the new kid in school and even simpler "different" race-wise, kept him out of many things. However undeterred by the ignorance of others, books helped him find the meaning of his self and a social awareness of others. He developed an appreciation for history and knowledge. Sir Francis Bacon's quote, "Knowledge is power" is one of his favorites. Reading bore into him a deeper world view and an optimistic vision of the future and along with his creativity a desire to entertain as well as educate in art, comics, photography and film.While in school, Patrick began his first pursuits into comics, music and film. He submitted his art portfolio at comics shows and conventions and was selected for a gifted arts program. Throughout his school years, he participated in Concert Choir and was selected as a Tenor to the All-County Choir. In his junior year, he took up drama and performed in the Mr. Goose Creek High School pageant. It was through this performance, that he was selected to work on the film, "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" the sequel to the first film, "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" starring Jim Carrey. In the film, Patrick was a background actor playing a Tibetan monk.In 1996, he graduated from Goose Creek High School and enlisted in the US Navy along with his best friend, Mike Agojo. While at boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, Patrick grew upset with his decision to enlist, due to scholarship offers he had turned down. However, Patrick later credited his military experience to further opening his eyes to the world and strengthening his relationship with his father; whom he grew despondent to in his youth. After boot camp, Patrick attended Yeoman school in Meridien, Mississippi and Submarine School in New London/Groton, Connecticut. His first duty station was onboard the USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58) aka the "Sammy B."; whose homeport was located in Norfolk, Virginia.While onboard the "Sammy B.", Patrick served two deployments out in the Persian Gulf region. During his first deployment, the pressures of life and his current situation took its toll. While on watch, Patrick nearly committed suicide out on the flight deck. In this lowest moment of life, he found his meaning and threw the knife into the water.In 1999, Patrick met Ebony Braxton, whom would later become his wife; and in 2000, Patrick was honorably discharged and found the freedom to finally pursue his goals and dreams.2001 birthed Temple Far East Entertainment (Temple Studios and Far East Films), Patrick's media company and dream realized. First, came the hip hop mix tape CDs featuring popular artists and his undiscovered talented friends, and then his first self-published comic, Blood of Onyx, debuted at the Baltimore Comicon in Baltimore, Maryland. The success of Blood of Onyx led to Patrick's autobiographical comic, The Adventures of Thong Raider and a selection as a contributing comic creator to Sky Dog Press' Comics Legal Defense Fund benefit graphic novel, More Fund Comics featuring Patrick's "The Who'Whats!?". At a signing at Howard University, the Time Dollar Institute's Dr. Edgar S. Cahn, approached Patrick after reading 'Blood of Onyx" and that relationship grew into the comic, "Time Dollars". Patrick later worked with the Anime USA convention as both their Art Show & Artist Alley Director for 2002 & 2003 and with Capicons' Tysons Corner Comics Show as a featured guest and assisted Capicons in attaining guests. Through the relationship with Capicons, Patrick partnered and hosted his own pop culture comics convention, Americon bringing a San Diego Comicon style experience to the east coast. Patrick and his company also appeared at Small Press Expo (SPX), Orlando Megacon and Wizardworld East in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.In 2006, Patrick jumped back into acting and the film industry after many contacts pursued him with film interests for his comics properties. Not wanting to let his characters freely go without a better idea of the industry, Patrick began working in multiple TV & film projects both in front of and behind the camera to gain experience and later joined both the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).
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