Marcia Dangerfield photo

Marcia Dangerfield

Birth name:
Marcia Yvette Reider
Date of Birth:
29 February 1952 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
5' 4" (1.63 m)
Marcia Dangerfield was born and raised in Indiana, the youngest of three children She graduated from Arlington High School in 1970. Her father's family hailed from Shelby County, and her mother grew up in Indianapolis. She moved to Utah in 1977, and was soon a working mother with three children. She helped to establish the Utah branch of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) in Salt Lake City. It was during these years that Marcia formed a productive relationship with writer/producer Charles E. Sellier Jr., who first put her to work in the business in 1979 (she has also appeared under the names Marcia Reider and Marcia Yvette Reider). Leon Dudevoir was her first mentor and James L. Conway her first director (he hated her walk).After a few years in Los Angeles, spent well behind the camera, Marcia returned to Utah, where her performances, both in film and theater, began to take on a new significance. She is now living in Bloomington, Indiana, hoping to complete her Bachelors in Communication and Culture from her alma mater, Indiana University. Two of her sons have been to Iraq and back.Since she arrived in Bloomington, in April 2001, her onstage work, in roles as diverse as "Big Mama" and "Kate Keller", has been highly praised by NPR columnist George Walker and the local Herald Tribune. She is alive and well.
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