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Lisa Loving, currently acting and teaching as Lisa Dalton, has sustained a career in entertainment since 1976, in New York, Los Angeles and Texas. Behind the camera, Lisa has shot, produced or directed a dozen independent films ranging from documentary (From Russia To Hollywood, Michael Chekhov, the Dartingon Years) to shorts (Birds of a Feather, Clazion Catches Light, Shakespeare Guy, The Connextion) to features (Regina Nox). Lisa is a master teacher of the Michael Chekhov Acting technique having taught in Moscow, London, Paris, Brussells, Berlin, Caribbean, and around the US.Her stunt career began when she was cast as a photo double for Tina Louise and Julie Haggerty in "The Day the Women Got Even" in 1980. In 1976, Lisa was a co-founding member of the Bond Street Theatre of NY. There, she honed her skills in gymnastics, acrobatics, mime, stage combat, juggling, pratfalls, mask and other physical styles of avant garde theater. These skills served to prepare Lisa for her work in the stunt field. Lisa hoped that her stunt work would increase her acting opportunities and it did do that for a period of time. Martial Art fans still enjoy her performance at Sho 'nuf's woman in Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon.She did stunts for several soap operas including As the World Turns, Guiding Light, One Life to Live. Lisa's first television work in 1978 or so, was 5 episodes on "The Edge of Night" as a police cadette possibly while Margart Colin's character was attending the Police Academy. Lisa later doubled Margaret Colin when she played a savvy detective on Margaret's own show "Legwork".In 1988, after several of Lisa's friends were killed in the industry, and Lisa began to experience stunt work as a limitation to her acting career, Lisa relocated to Los Angeles, changed her name to Lisa Dalton and focused herself on acting, teaching and directing. Lisa returned to NY to do a stunt for Ally Walker on "True Blue" in 1989 and sustained a severe back injury. Several years later, she performed one more "simple" stunt on "Three Wishes" with Patrick Swayze. When another crew member was seriously injured, it was clear to Lisa that the simplest of stunts are still a danger she is no longer willing to uptake.Lisa Dalton now takes life more easily, in Texas, she has shot martial indie "The Sensei" with Diana Lee Inosanto, "Midnight Clear" with Stephen Baldwin and 3 webisodes of Lifetime's "Inspector Mom" with Danica McKellar. She plays golf with actor/hubby Ken Kerman at numerous celebrity charity events, travels on her BMW motorcycle, and enjoys teaching, singing and visiting her step-children and grandchildren. She also is a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and part time faculty of the University of Southern Maine.
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