Laurene Landon photo

Laurene Landon

Birth name:
Laurene Landon Coughlin
Date of Birth:
17 March 1957 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5' 9" (1.75 m)
Tall, leggy and extremely well-built statuesque blonde actress Laurene Landon has enlivened a bunch of hugely enjoyable movies with her spunky energy, physical dexterity, bubbly, upbeat personality and considerable sex appeal. She often portrays tough, two-fisted, no-nonsense action heroines with a winning blend of fiery aplomb and cheerful good humor. Born as Laurene Landon Coughlin on March 17, 1957 in Toronto, Canada, Landon's family moved to the United States when she was four. The 5'9" Landon began her acting career in the late 70's as an extra. Laurene made a smashing impression as Molly, one of two female wrestlers who are managed by Peter Falk in Robert Aldrich's uproariously raucous comedy "All the Marbles;" the fiercely athletic and aggressive Landon also performed a lion's share of her own stunts in the film. Landon was very funny as a daffy stewardess in "Airplane II: The Sequel" and was excellent as Mike Hammer's loyal secretary Velda in "I, the Jury." Laurene was especially strong and impressive in two delightful action/adventure features for director Matt Cimber: she's the titular rugged warrior woman in "Hundra" and a gutsy half-Native American spitfire in "Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold." Landon was once again on the money effective and engaging as courageous police woman Teresa Mallory in the terrific "Maniac Cop" and its superior 1990 sequel. After a regrettably lengthy absence from acting, Laurene made a welcome comeback with a sizable co-starring part in the "Pick Me Up" episode of "Masters of Horror." Outside of acting, Laurene Landon writes scripts in her spare time and is an award-winning gold medal lyricist who authored rap music for an L.A. Metro Transit Authority video.
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