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Lance Norris

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6' 1" (1.85 m)
Lance Norris lives the life a country gentleman on the coast of Massachusetts. After shattering his kneecap during a bar fight scene in the movie The Mouse, Norris writes and does voice work for Charles Laquidara's morning radio show from his home studio, on WZLX in Boston. He also writes an occasional joke for "P.I with Bill Maher" and articles for magazines like "Entertainment Weekly" and "Musician". Norris is also the author of two joke books and a former Contributing Editor to National Lampoon. A multi-talented musician, Norris is active in the local Boston music scene and is credited with writing over 100 songs on BMI. As of 1998, only one CD of his works remains in print. He can also be seen in music videos by Stevie Nicks, Milli Vanilli, The Stools and Keel, and the random TV commercial.