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Growing up just outside of Toronto, Kristen began performing in school plays and competing in dance and singing competitions at the age of ten. Within two years, she started working professionally in television, with her first role in the YTV pilot series "Gag Me". Kristen trained with various teachers in Toronto, and landed roles on television productions "Restless Spirits" (David Wellington/Showcase), "In a Heartbeat" (Shaftesbury), "System Crash" (YTV), "Verdict in Blood" (Shaftesbury) and "Real Kids, Real Adventures" (Firecorp). After high school, Kristen took time off to study at Wilfrid Laurier University. In that time she completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications, and finished her degree while studying abroad in Australia. While overseas she played one of the leads in the Australian play "Cosi" (Louis Nowra). She recently returned home to Toronto and has continued her training at Armstrong Acting Studios, The Second City, Pro Actors Lab and Lewis Baumander Studio. Recent credits include roles on "Aaron Stone" (Shaftesbury, Mario Azzopardi), "Pure Pwnage" (Graeme Lynch/Showcase), "Leslie My Name is Evil" (Reg Harkema), "Vacation with Derek" (Michael McGowan/Disney), "Being Erica" (Erik Canuel/CBC), "Rookie Blue" (David Wellington/ABC), and "Moon Point" (Sean Cisterna). During her spare time Kristen loves to sing and write music on her guitar, occasionally playing shows in Toronto. She also loves to read, cook, watch movies, dance, travel, and spend time with friends and family.
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