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6' (1.83 m)
Ken Lally is the son of a spy and a child of the cold war. His father was recruited by the N.S.A. as a teen, served in China, then Berlin, where he met Ken's mother. His Father raised him to be a Navy S.E.A.L. from the time he was 13 years old; bringing home weapon and equipment manuals from the D.I.A., enrolling him in martial arts classes and the local police cadets, where Ken learned how to handle firearms and urban close quarter combat. At 18 years old, Ken went to enlist, but was denied entrance into the Navy because of a head injury and subsequent seizure he experienced at the age of 15. He was injured doing his TJ hooker impression and jumping off the hood of a moving car, rolling ten feet and breaking his collar bone; a stunt man in training.At 19, Ken discovered Shakespeare and it was all over. He got his B.A. in theatre from upstate New York's St. Lawrence University, and also attended New York City's National Shakespeare Conservatory. His love of Shakespeare took him as far as London, where he studied at Shakespeare's Globe, (the ACTUAL space where the plays were first performed) and The University of Westminster on High Holborn. For five years, Ken performed Shakespeare's plays with his company for children throughout the LA Unified School District as well as Las Vegas' Nevada Shakespeare festival. He was in dozens of plays in London, NYC and LA, but by 24, his love for acting took him to film. Since then, he has been in dozens of films and TV shows for both stunts and acting. One of his favorite roles was on 'General Hospital', where he played Greg, a mob accountant for the shows resident gangster, 'Sonny Corinthos'.Ken got into stunts by accident. His lifelong passion for martial arts and fighting took him to Benny the Jet Urquidez's kick boxing gym in North Hollywood, where he trained and fought under Sensei Benny's watchful eye for nearly nine years; all the while performing martial arts stunts, falls and other gags for the legendary, 5 time world kick boxing champion. Shakespeare and film are his first two loves, but stunts were just too much fun to say "no" to whenever they called. He is also an avid fencer and fences once a week with a local sword master.Ken spends his days off teaching stunt-fighting for film, or 'acting for action', at the New York Film Academy's campus on the Warner Brother's lot in L.A. He trains boxing and kick boxing every day and gets together once a week to put on the gloves and spar with the other members of Benny the Jet's stunt team.
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