Jonathan Sagall

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Date of Birth:
1962 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Born in 1962 Toronto, Canada, Jonathan Sagall and his family moved to Israel when he was 11 and, apart from brief stays in Hollywood and London, he's been acting and directing for stage and screen in Tel Aviv.Jonathan started his film career in the 1977 TV movie "The Man With The Power" before landing the role of Bobby at age seventeen in 1979 with the "Lemon Popsicle" series of movies.He has wrote and directed two independent shorts - "Zerach Lipshitz' Last Little Vacation" (1985) which premiered at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, and "At Home" (Ba'ba'it) which premiered in `Panorama' at the Berlin International Film Festival 1988 and subsequently showcased at film festivals at London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Milan.In 1993 Jonathan wrote and directed the stage play "Lea Goes Out On The Streets" (1993) which ran for two seasons at the Haifa Municipal Theatre in Israel. Recently Israel's First Channel adapted the story for television. His second stage play "Cockroach" (Jook) was produced for Israel's International Children's Theatre Festival, 1994, and was also showcased at the La Mama Theatre in NYC 1995.Sagall's series of short stories "Hugo Asparagus" were published in Israel's weekly magazine "Rosh Ehad" and are currently being adapted into a feature screenplay. Sagall was also a regular staff writer on the new television production of "Sesame Street" - An Israeli-Palestinian collaboration which began broadcasting summer of 1998.His most recent works have been a role in the Steven Spielberg movie "Schindlers List", and "Urban Feel" in which he starred, directed, and wrote. The film went on to win two Israeli Academy Awards in 1998 and took Best Picture honours at the Haifa Film Festival.Recently he has wrote a script for the television drama "Lipstikonn" which was optioned to be produced spring 1999 by Israel's Cable Programming (ICP). Next Feature project "Icarus Ascending" is in operative development for future production.
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