John Hamilton

Birth name:
John Rummel Hamilton
Date of Birth:
15 October 1887 Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Burly, stentorian-voiced John Hamilton worked on Broadway and in touring theatrical companies for many years prior to his 1930 film debut. He was in the original Broadway company of "Seventh Heaven" and would appear in the film remake (Seventh Heaven (1937)) in 1937. He starred with Donald Meek in a series of short mysteries based on S.S. Van Dine stories for Warner Bros. He was often typecast as prison wardens, judges and police chiefs, but played various types of characters in an almost limitless number of films from the 1930s to the 1950s. He became famous when he was cast as Daily Planet newspaper editor Perry White in the 1950s TV classic "Adventures of Superman" (1952). He is survived by a son. Hamilton is often confused with John F. Hamilton, a British actor who made a few films in the US during the same period, and with several other actors of the same name.