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Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr

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Joe Rudy Guerrero, Jr. was born in Monterey Park, CA on December 05, 1980. He is the oldest son of four boys from his mother side and the middle child from his father side. Joe Guerrero also has an Identical Twin Brother. The total siblings that Joe has are eight; six boys and two girls. His father was in and out of jail most of his life and his mother struggled to put food on the table for her children. Joe grew up in the City of El Monte and grew up with Alcohol and Drugs surrounding him but never had interest in trying them. At the age of 12 years old, his father overdosed and passed away in 1993. The death of his father took a toll on Joe he hated the world for many years and started running with the wrong crowd, but was smart enough not to join a gang and avoid being in jail.In High School Joe was an athletic teenager who ran track and played football which he was Team Captain for both and broke two records in track which are long jump and the 4x100. He received two invitations medals at track meets. Playing these two sports in high school he dreamed in becoming a role model in the track and field. However, at the age of 16, his dreams where shattered when he was expelled from Mountain View High School, CA due to false allegations and was sent to a Continuation School.At the age of 18, he joined a Party Crew that changed his whole image. He stopped affiliating with the wrong crowd thinking there no differ from one another. Until, one night when his two brothers got stabbed at a house party with the members of the party crew. This changed his perspective that party crews and hanging out with gang members aren't any different from one another. After this incident he was never the same after that and became very over protective with his brothers and family.At the age of 21, Joe met Danny De La Paz who introduced him into the Acting Industry. He had never though he would be in this type of field as an Actor/Model as a living. He didn't take acting serious until the year of 2009. Being an Actor/Model Joe found himself having a strong passion for this industry and is hungry to expose his talent out to the world. He still does what he needs to do to provide for his family working part-time as a Security Guard at Night Clubs.Joe has two sons and a wife who he adores more than life itself. He continues doing his best to look for more work in the Entertainment Industry and expose himself to the human eye so he could one day be an inspiration to society and give the people hope to never quit or stop living their dreams.
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