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Jim Chad

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
29 May 1958 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5' 9" (1.75 m)
Jim was born in Toronto, Ontario at St. Michaels Hospital in 1958. His first interest in the entertainment industry was spawned from a film he wrote and directed at the age of 12 called The Generous Family during a grade school competition. In 1978 he began his professional career as an extra in numerous C.B.C productions and his first feature film debut as an extra occurred in a film called Running starring Michael Douglas, during which he ended up getting a photo taken with Douglas as a keepsake. Through the years Jim has worked in front and behind the camera with such actors as Marlon Brando,on The Freshman, as a stand in for the late Bruno Kirby. He has shared screen time with Suzanne Pleshette, Lee Grant, Joe Flaherty, Tony Rosato to name a few. Jim began his behind the scenes career at Rogers Cable in the early 80s where he directed live call in shows for Jack Layton and Mayor Art Eggleton and also directed the weekly council meetings. Jim moved on and joined the Directors Guild of Canada in the early 90s and worked in the locations department, as an assistant director and assistant art director. He has come full circle and is now pursuing an acting career.
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