James Marcus

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5' 11" (1.80 m)
James Marcus is best known for his role as Georgie in Kubrick's sci-fi shocker 'A Clockwork Orange' (1971). Before he was an apprentice printer, he spent the bulk of his teenage years performing gigs. After studying acting courses at the 15 Drama school in London, he had several roles in plays based on the works of Shakespeare. His first TV appearance was in the BBC TV show 'Hello, Good Evening and Welcome' (1968). Two years later Stanley Kubrick, the controversial American director got in touch with James for a screen-test for his upcoming project, an adaptation of Anthony Burgess's gang warfare novel A Clockwork Orange. Kubrick was astounded mainly because of his fight sequences and his dark, brooding demeanour. By 1971, James won the role of Georgie. His character is in complete contrast to the other two droogs, Alex and Dim played by Malcolm McDowell and Warren Clarke. While not as expressive as Alex or as half-witted as Dim, Georgie is the real hard man of the gang. With this, James delivered one of the best performances on British celluloid. James's other TV appearances include 'UFO', 'The Sweeney', 'Doctor Who', 'Z-Cars' and 'The Professionals'. He also starred in the sex comedy 'Let's Get Laid' (1977) with John Clive, another Clockwork Orange actor. He also appeared in 'The Naked Civil Servant' (1975) with John Hurt and 'McVicar' (1980), a biopic with Roger Daltrey. One of his other notable roles is that of fire station officer Sidney Tate in London's Burning. He also directed the nihilistic 'Tank Malling' (1993) which featured Ray Winstone. As well as directing, James also produced and co wrote 'Passing Through' including 'Family Tree', a stage production. He is currently involved in the TV/film industry devoting his time to acting (his recent role was in The Bill), producing and screen-writing.
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