Hugh Daly photo

Hugh Daly

Birth name:
Alan Hugh Pearman Daly
Date of Birth:
17 May 1961 Shropshire, England, UK
5' 9½" (1.77 m)
Hugh Daly was born and raised in England. His grandfather served in The Machine Gun Corp in World War 1, his father in The Royal Corp of Signals in World War 2 and his son currently serves as an Airborne Officer in The United States Army. He attended the Hereford College of Art & Design majoring in television production and photography. While living in Hereford, Hugh volunteered and joined the 5th battalion, The Light Infantry, a reserve component of The British Army. About a year later, Hugh was one of a handful of young actors to be accepted at The Rose Bruford College of speech and drama in London, where he studied acting and stage fighting. In 1981 Hugh emigrated to The United States and began a successful career in fine jewelry retail management. During this time Hugh's theatrical flair and passion for military history, manifested it's self in multi-period living history displays and re-enacting. In 2004 Hollywood called. Hugh was asked to co-ordinate a segment on American Airborne Pathfinder's for the award winning History Channel series, "Mail Call. D-day Special", with R.Lee Ermey. Over the next two seasons, Hugh wrote, produced/directed on-location segments for "Mail Call" and associate produced and starred in "Storm on the Horizon" for the History Channel. In 2008 Hugh worked as wardrobe designer/military technical advisor on "Beyond all Boundaries", a state of the art interactive film for The National World War 2 museum in New Orleans. He created twenty eight characters depicting historically accurate ethnicities and genders representing American's who served in the war. Since joining Combat Casting Hugh has appeared in many television and feature films, including "Crossing Jordan", "Numb3rs", "CSI:NY", "Race to Witch Mountain", "Hancock" and "G.I.Joe". In 2009, "Brother's War", an independently produced feature film about the final days of World War 2 in Europe was released. Hugh co-wrote the story and starred as English "Major Andrew Pearman". A firm believer in the old Hollywood adage to be adaptable, Hugh worked as a stuntman on the features, "The Butcher" and "Green Street Hooligan's 2". Hugh was also 'scanned' as an "SAS" game character for the award winning "Call Of Duty 4" for Activision. In 2007 Hugh began working for Jared Chandler at Sacred Sword as a military prop/gear designer/consultant.They have created and supplied props for HBO's 2010 series "The Pacific" and features "The Green Zone", "Body of Lies", "Terminator 4 Salvation", " and many others. Most recently Hugh has been working with Combat Film Productions, writing training films for The United States Army. He has traveled extensively, studying the major 20th Century battlefields of Europe. When Hugh is not busy in front of or behind the camera, he can be found writing and enjoying life with wife Shannon in sunny LA.
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