Gustavo Pastorini

Birth name:
Gustavo Javier Pastorini
Date of Birth:
29 November 1957 Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina
In 1980 he made a tour of Bolivia with Silvia Peyrou, and in 1981 and 1982 made another tours in Chile and Venezuela. In 1983 when he was doing "Caligula" with Pepito Cibrian he signs a contract for one year to work in the Arabic countries and in 1984 he went to Italy where he lived for 12 years. He works with Agostina Belli and Lando Buzzanca in "Vanita" (1984), and "Varieta" both of 1984, in "Calispera Greece" (1982), "O androklis kai ta liontaria tou" (1985) in Greece. In 1989 he did "Ook dat nog!" (1989) for the Netherland TV, and a special appearance in "Zanzibar" (1986). In 1994 after return to Argentina he worked again with Silvia Peyrou in "Un cacho de corona" with Cacho Castaña, and Jorge Corona. In 1999 he works with Carmen Barbieri in "Movete" (1998), and made two small parts in Chiquititas: Rincón de luz (2001), and Assassination Tango (2002) with Robert Duvall in a Francis Ford Coppola production.
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