Erich Fleshman photo

Erich Fleshman

Birth name:
Erich William Fleshman
Date of Birth:
27 March 1968 Walnut Creek, California, USA
6' 3½" (1.92 m)
Erich was born and raised in Northern California and grew up playing like a performing artist and acting like a basketball player. In an effort to add letters, he entered a study abroad program in Hanoi and during this experience he researched sustainable development and studied the languages, cultures, and histories of Southeast Asia. Erich had found his calling and not long after graduating from University he relocated from California to Bangkok, Thailand.Soon after arriving in Bangkok, Erich began working regularly in Thailand's local entertainment industry. Aek, his nickname in Thailand, has worked extensively in the Thai entertainment industry in various aspects of acting and production. For more than a dozen years he has been involved in local and international feature films, television dramas, action series, international, local TV commercials, music videos and various other television programs.Erich won the hearts of the Thai people for his role in the popular film "7 Pra-jan-barn" (2002) where he played the role of Mike the bootlegging GI who made his living by selling American oil to the Thais. This role quickly pushed Erich into the limelight making him a household name and a genuine celebrity in Thailand.Erich went on to work with award winning Thai filmmaker Pen-ek Ratanaruang in the short film "Twelve Twenty" (2006) as Tim, the father of Thai sex symbol Paula Taylor, in the popular Thai TV3 series "Lady Maha-chon" (2006). He also worked with Paula in her TV debut "La-org-tet" in 2002 and again in the US feature film "Shadows" (2009) starring William Hurt and Cary Elwes.Erich has appeared in numerous other feature film and TV projects including "Lazarus Papers" (2009), award winning film "Bitter/Sweet" (2009), "Bootleg Guru" (2005), "Gaeng mai gaeng mai geeow" (2005), "Lanka Daeng" (2004), "Champion Sabat-cho" (2003), "Mai Plaek Pba" (2001), "Pet Dta Maew" (2000), "Amnaad" (1999) and HBO production "A Bright Shining Lie" (1998) starring Bill Paxton and Eric Bogosian.Once firmly engrained in the Thai Entertainment industry Erich undertook a second MA, this time in Media Communications with a research focus on Thai cinema. Erich continues to act but now works in film and documentary production as well as production consultation in Thailand and Vietnam. In 2005 Erich started a production company to create small films and documentary projects. Erich also works as a film professor teaching acting and film in many of Thailand's top universities.Known for his bi-lingual roles in both international and local TV and film, Erich has enjoyed a sustainable career as an actor in Thailand.
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