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David Gwillim

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15 December 1948 Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
David Gwillim was a leading man on British Television in the 1970s to the mid 1980s. Best known for playing Prince Hal in The First Part of King Henry the Fourth, with the Life and Death of Henry Surnamed Hotspur (1979) (TV), The Second Part of King Henry the Fourth Containing His Death: And the Coronation of King Henry the Fift (1979) (TV) opposite Sir Anthony Quayle and later the title role in The Life of Henry the Fift (1979) (TV) in the 'BBC Shakespeare Television series'. Other leading roles included the Television mini series "Anna Karenina" (1977), "Lillie" (1978), Peter and Paul (1981) (TV) opposite Anthony Hopkins, "The Barchester Chronicles" (1982) opposite Donald Pleasence, "The Citadel" (1983) with Daniel Day-Lewis and "Hanlon" (1985) in which he won the New Zealand Televison/Film award for best lead actor. He made his feature film debut in the Walt Disney film'The Island at the Top of the World (1974). Later television and film appearances include Nostradamus (1994), "Trial & Retribution: Episode #1.1" (1997), "Trial & Retribution: Episode #2.1" (1998), Do Not Disturb (1999) starring William Hurt and Henry VIII (2003) (TV).
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