David Garrick

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David Garrick was born in Peckham in south east London. He started boxing at the age of eleven and had many amateur fights. He decided not to turn professional but instead choose to join the Army at the age of seventeen, but still continued to box with his regiment. After initially serving with the Parachute Regiment and then special forces, David stayed with the armed forces for a total of fourteen years. Always a keen sportsman, particularly extreme sports David later decided to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a Stuntman. His first stunt performance was a role in the TV film Cleopatra, where he doubled for Billy Zane. Since that time he has stunt-doubled for a number of actors, including Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, George Clooney and Brendan Frazer and many more. David has appeared in many TV series, including as a presenter and instructor to Nigel Benn and Chris Eubanks in 'Gladiator VIP' and similarly in Commando VIP. He has had numerous acting parts in TV shows and films including "Reign of Fire", "The Golden Compass" and more recently in Guy Richies film, "Sherlock Holmes", as McMurdo. He has lately completed "Wolfman" doubling Sir Anthony Hopkins as the werewolf, having to spend at least five hours each day having prosthetics applied by Rick Baker. David now lives in Kent and continues to enjoy many sports including hang-gliding, skydiving, microlighting and all snow sports.
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