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Colin Salmon

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
1962 Luton, Bedfordshire, England, UK
6' 4" (1.93 m)
Colin Salmon is one of Britain's most renowned actors. With a bold voice and posture, Colin makes his characters a favorite among audiences for every role he plays. He made his feature debut as Sgt. Robert Oswald in the British mega-hit mini-series _Prime Suspect 2(1992)(TV)_, which gave him much acclaim among British audiences. He has a recurring role in the James Bond films as Charles Robinson, M's Chief of Staff. He has also appeared as the Commander James "One" Shade in the video game-to-movie Resident Evil (2002) and played Oonu, squad leader of the Skybax in the mini-series "Dinotopia" (2002/I) . His other film credits include Captives (1994), The Wisdom of Crocodiles (1998), Fanny and Elvis (1999), _Mind Games (2001)(TV)_, and My Kingdom (2001). His theater credits include Ariadne at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall.