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Carol Hawkins

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
31 January 1949 Barnet, Hertfordshire, England, UK
5' 4" (1.63 m)
Blonde, beautiful and extremely likable are some of the many ways to describe Carol Hawkins.She first appeared on the screen in The Body Stealers (1969) and in a few other films following her debut. However, it is for her 'Carry On...' film work which she is best remembered throughout the 1970s, together with her role as Sharon Eversleigh in the TV series, "Please Sir!" (1968).Appearing in the very successful Carry on Abroad (1972) as Marge, her character was paired with 'Lily' played by Sally Geeson, both of whom go off to the Spanish Island, with the rest of the 'Carry On...' gang, looking for love. Her contribution to the film was an important one and her character is enjoyable to watch on-screen.Her performance was so successful that she was asked back to be Sandra in Carry on Behind (1975). Although, not the best of the Carry On films she was certainly memorable.In addition to appearing in two Carry On films, she had also appeared in Carry on Again Christmas (1970) (TV).Carol also appeared as a supporting player in the "Carry on Laughing!" (1975) television series. Her place in 'Carry On...' history as a supporting 'Carry Oner' is certainly sealed.In recent years, and with the decline of the British film industry, Carol found work in television in comedy series like "My Husband and I" (1987). It is a shame that she has not done more work on television, however she did appear in "Doctors" (2000) in 2004 playing "Pam Jordan" in an episode called "Getting On".In recent times, Carol has appeared at some of the memorabilia events at the NEC in Birmingham.
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