Brandon Slagle photo

Brandon Slagle

Birth name:
William Jacob Brandon Slagle
Date of Birth:
26 April 1977 Austin, Texas, USA
5' 10" (1.78 m)
William Jacob "Brandon" Slagle was born just outside of Austin, Texas to Lary Slagle and Suzette Jacobs, who divorced when Brandon was five years old. Coming from a cultured, but sometimes troubled background, Brandon began turning his natural love of performing towards the theater while as young as eight years old. During this time, he also began studying the martial art of Tae Kwon Do, which he continued training in throughout most of his life.Despite the few actual theater arts classes offered in the various schools he transferred to, he was able to find interesting creative outlets in filmed skits and other various types of performance, whether it lay in mock commercials, satire, music video, etc.In the beginning of the 1990s, while starting high school, Brandon found solace in an incredible theater teacher, far greater than the normal teacher you would find in public schools. She taught him to channel his life experiences into something great, something beneficial and therapeutic, and to unleash that into a maniacal, monstrous force in his performances. Essentially, the Stanislavski Method of emotional recall made famous by his idol Marlon Brando seemed custom-tailored for someone who'd already lived more than most people can imagine and in a shorter time span.In college in the mid-90s, Brandon's on stage and on screen goals were thwarted by an unforeseen diversion, music. Leaving college in 1997, he found himself performing with multiple bands of varying successes, the most well-known being Die Section which was touted as the heir to the electronic-metal throne occupied by Static-X for a time.In 2003, however, it was clear that Brandon's music career had stalled, so he naturally gravitated back to film. Armed with a sordid past, street smarts, charisma, and an intimidating determination, he quickly made his way back into the film industry.That is only the beginning, and what a beginning it is. Knockout performances in films such as The Dark Avengers (2005), "Plasterhead", and "Disquiet" have stood out, among other things. Who knows what time will bring?
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