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Ben Hernandez Bray was born and raised in the tough streets of the San Fernando Valley. The gang affiliation in his neighborhood was BVN 14th St. which is where his mother still lives today. Ben's ethnic background is actually of Irish and Mexican descent but even though being Mexican/American or as Ben says "Chicano", he was raised by a traditional Mexican catholic family of six children by his mother and grandmother. It was tough love, church, The Boys Club of America, seeing friends dying or going to jail and the interest in sports especially boxing that kept him away from the life of gang violence and drugs. Ben's stunt career started at age 21 while training at a boxing gym he was approached by Spiderman 2 stunt coordinator Dan Bradley and as they say the rest was history. Ron Stein and several other stunt coordinators embraced Ben's talents who then employed him and was taught the business. So After 18 years in the entertainment industry, owner of Visual Impact a stunt equipment company with stunt coordinator Frank Torres, a member of the International Stunt Association with over 100 film and TV credits to his name and over 20 years in the boxing industry. Ben Bray can now add second unit director to his resume for his work on the film Smoking Aces written and directed by Joe Carnahan. He also has a few film and TV projects in the works with famed Three Kings director David O Russell and again director Joe Carnahan. He has developed a tremendous bond and friendship with both directors and is forever grateful for the opportunities and knowledge they have given him. Ben Bray counts his blessings everyday, never forgets where he came from, takes one day at a time and...always keeps it real!
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