Anthony McKay photo

Anthony McKay

Birth name:
Norman Anthony Mclaughlin
Date of Birth:
5 May 1965 Chicago, Illinois, USA
6' (1.83 m)
This exotically handsome actor/writer/producer has been touted as being one of "The new breed of leading men". Antonio's mixed race and African/American/Hispanic look have allowed him to comfortably and convincingly play a variety of roles regardless of their racial makeup. This compelling "look" and charisma has landed him the romantic lead in such films as "The Perfect model", "Sweet Perfection" and "Proximity", but it was his nasty turn as the sexy but sinister pimp "Sparky" in Canada's C.B.C movie of the week "Runaway" that was rewarded with the A.C.T.R.A Award for Best Dramatic Performance in a movie made for television. Antonio has been the guest star in over 35 television shows in both the U.S and Canada including "Clueless", "Highlander", "Trapper John M.D", "Law & Order" and "R.X"as well as a recurring role on the late night comedy hit "Jimmy Kimmel Show". This versatile actor has also been the lead in more than 25 theatrical productions in locales ranging from Broadway to Hong Kong. Antonio's newest project is the "4Bidden" trilogy which he wrote,co-produced and will co-star in. Part 1, "4Bidden" is due to be filmed in 2009 with production of Twice 4bidden,"Jessie,s Revenge"scheduled begin in late 2009
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