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Andrew Patrick Ralston

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
5 July 1973 Maryville, Missouri, USA
Mostly an Arizonian and Kansan mix, with a dash of New York, Rhode Island and San Francisco thrown in for flavor. Not a military brat in any regard. This constant uprooting was a challenge for him growing up, moving more than 22 times. 12 of those happening before graduating high school.Andrew's first experience performing was as Pacman singing "Pacman Fever" at a second grade talent show. His best friend at the time (who was the Blue Ghost) and he, pretty much swept the elementary school contest. Also, Andrew's older brother, Timothy Ralston, who as a child idolized Steven Spielberg, cast him in most of his short films using his super 8 camera. He later retreated into shyness and buried his head into his natural gifts for illustration, but was never able to shake that yearning to perform.