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A. David Burleigh

Birth name:
David A. Burley
Date of Birth:
04.11.1959 Los Angeles, California, USA
6' 4
"Life is like a boomerang..." say's A. David Burleigh (aka) "Big Dave," an 'AmeriCanadian' Record Producre/ Artist/ Singer-Songwritre/multi-instrumentalist, whom brings his grasp of the musically universal feel for the beats and groove to the songs he Penns, shapes and produces. His tailored melodies are instantly memorable, catchy, and rhythmic tunes that are lyrically rich. As an artist, Burleigh understands how to build an environment in which musicians thrive and create their best work. As a businessperson he is able to shape and package artistic recordings that sell.Through his companies Fifty9 Records, Fifty9 Productions, WatchTowre Music Publishing Company (BMI) and Fifty9 Films, Burleigh, has produced and consulted for a broad variety of talent, ranging from film works to gospel, rhythm and blues bands, and to heavy metal rock 'n rollers. His list of clients includes: DayVee and The Rockett Band, The Sold-out Band (lead by West Adam's 4 Square Choir, Charles Williams), Parisian rocker Dany Ganouna, R&B duo Curtis Nolan & Ray Crosby, Jo Mumford, David Bleu, X-it Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Geoff Gibbs, Priscilla Allen of the antiquated rock band "Edith's Wish" and more...Burleigh's tunes have been recorded by Ganouna, Mumford and by the World-renowned entertainer Gwen Brisco (aka: Gwen Briscoe, Actress). Credits also include as Producer, Songwriter, Artist. His debut composite (2 Disc) CD release, "Cowboy '62," (RedDesert Part 1 & BleuDesert Part 2) DayVee and The Rockett Band (September ©2004) & "The esreveR Trance Kuts" CD (December ©2004) on Fifty9 Records. In addition, his song the single entitled: "Angel," DayVee & The Rockett Band (Various/World) (November 2005) was featured on the Top 40 Radio Show (newartistradio.com): No. 3 on the charts for 9 weeks - New Artist Radio (#1 Source for New Music), Internet Radio World Wide on a 13 Radio Shows (Podcast and N.A.R.T.V - Internet Television). Hosted by TMC & Dark and recorded live every Sunday Night at 9:00 pm MST. Also, a 41st Annual Grammy® Award Nominations (February ©1999) (shared writers credit) by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. (N.A.R.A.S.) (USA) for Album Package and Notes: "From Where I Stand, The Black Experience In Country Music ©1998" (La Melle Prince - Disc #3, Track #7) (Box Set) by Executives Producers: Country Music Foundation (CMF) and Warner Bros. Records, Inc. Plus, winning in the Music City Festival's Professional Songwriting Rock & Pop Division (1988) and two of his compositions garnered awards in Billboard's Contest for Achievement in Pop and Rock (1989 & 2004).Burleigh, has also been showcased on The Tom Reed Show, KSCI-18 TV, Los Angeles, California (TV Interview: "The La Melle Prince Story©" (May 26, ©2003), KLOS 95.5 FM, Los Angeles's classic Rock station; as well as, a live interview & performance on FM 92.3 The Beat, a premier R&B and Hip-Hop music station Los Angeles, California. He was a Guest (January 22, 2006) on John Anderson's (Host) "On The Horizon" Network radio show (OTH) (*2003 Internet show of the Year award for best Show, as awarded by New Artist Radio & *2005 Nominee for Best Talk Show Host by International Web Radio Awards).In (2006) he continues to work on his aunt's memoirs and a pending screenplay [Writers Guild of America, West (WGA) Registration #1140280 USA (©2006) (©1995)] of the late Decca Recording Artist (1969) La Melle Prince; thus, highlighting one of her key songs "The Man That Made A Woman Out Of Me," with the legendary world renowned male quartet singing backing vocals, The Jordanaires. Produced by the late Country Music Famed Owen William Bradley and recorded at his historical recording studio "Bradley's Barn" in Nashville, TN. (October 1969) and the song taken from the 41st Annual Grammy® Award Nominations ©1999, (Box Set) "From Where I Stand, The Black Experience In Country Music ©1998." Prince is and 'was' considered one of the most intriguing, distinct and unknown artist on this collection.Growing up in urban Los Angeles, California during (1970s-1980s), and hangin' around the famed Writer, Producer, Manager and Actor: John R. Daniels (I) (Also Known As: John Daniels/ Johnnie Daniels), and owner of Maverick's Flat International Music & Film (the defunct legendary breeding ground for popular L.A. talent (recording artists and film personalities), Burleigh has lived and breathed music from an early age on, as a singer and percussionist, he performed in local clubs, house parties and church choirs. Also, he worked as a young teen as an 2nd assistant recording engineer at Maverick's International studio, as Daniels nurtured the careers of such rising stars as Four Tops; The Love Machine; Gwen Brisco (aka: Gwen Briscoe, Actress); various members of Earth, Wind and Fire; Bob Welch; Howard Hewett & Jody Wately and many, many more...After earning a Professional Certification of Arts degree in Recording Arts & Sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); thereafter, Burleigh landed a job as 2nd Mastering Engineer at de-funked Custom Duplication, Inc. (CDI). There, he re-mastered and duplicated projects for such noted talents as Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, K-Tel Records and the Jazz Crusaders and many, many more... While at CDI Burleigh founded DAB II Productions-now-'Fifty9 Productions dedicated to the creation of music in Rock, R&B, Blues, Alternative, Deep-House, Ambience, Pop, & Hip-Hop/Rap, Experimental idioms... He eventually left the duplicating facility to devote his attention to 'Fifty9 full-time, guiding young artists in their musical careers; as well as, composing solo projects. When asked about on touring with the band and showcasing his songs, Burleigh's reply, "I pretty much take a "Nomadic" approach to live music performances, the experience is engaging and enriches all of the elements involved..."Burleigh has always immersed himself in local and global community causes volunteering his services & friendship to individuals, groups and children in need. He returned to school, first earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and a Master's in Behavioral Sciences from the California State University, Dominguez Hills; yet, always managing his time to the creative arts for the shear purpose of "keeping within the balance of life...". Burleigh's day-to-day community experiences are a rich source of his depth and immediacy for his music, film, art and other future creative endeavors...
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