Addicted to Murder 3: Blood Lust main cover

Addicted to Murder 3: Blood Lust

Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Release Date:
01 Jan 2000
74 min

NOTE: Sequel to Addicted to Murder: Tainted Blood (1999).It is 1999. Joel Winter, now a vampire hunter, is living in New York. He still hunts vampires in retaliation for them making him into a killer, but he has gained a higher purpose. Through nightly conversations with demons, "the true creatures of the night", Joel is methodically killing vampires in order to pave the way for demons to return to earth. Vampires all over New York are hiding in fear of him. He has even managed to destroy Angie Karnstein, one of the oldest and most powerful vampires of them all.Still, vampires are coming forth to be interviewed for a documentary about the supernatural. For example, Karen tells the TV screen about her most recent relationship with another vampire, which ended with her killing him after she learned that he'd been "doing it" with Tricia. Tricia, who became a vampire seven years ago, still prefers the company of humans to that of cliquey vampires. Tricia tells the interviewer how, after rejecting the request of one of her human pets to be made into a vampire and then not killing him, she was horrified to find several months later that Dan [Joe Zaso] had become a demon, thanks to Joel. It took a sprinkling of salt to destroy Dan. In a twist upon a twist, Karen and Tricia end up feeding on the interviewer but find that the entire interview itself was a trap when Joel suddenly appears, machete in hand.His job finished in New York, Joel follows a trail to Chicago where the master vampire Enrique [Frank Lopez], who goes by the name Santana, is incarcerated in the State Penitentiary. Santana actually chooses to be incarcerated. And why not? He has a deal with Captain Klostermann [Reid Ostrowski]. Each night, Klostermann lets Santana out so that he can find food and commit a few robberies, bringing back the spoils to share with Klostermann. Supposedly in prison, no suspicion ever falls on Santana. Occasionally, for appearances sake, Santana has to bunk with another inmate. This time it's Dorian Maxwell [Nick Kostopoulos], sent up for murder but reputed to have killed for moral reasons. Santana figures that he can count on Dorian. Besides, Santana knows about the one person Dorian cares about -- his daughter Karen -- and Santana isn't above using Karen to ensure Dorian's silence.Unfortunately, Dorian begins to suspect that Santana is a vampire. Perhaps it's because Santana dislikes religion. Or because Santana's mattress is filled with soil. Or when Santana sprouts fangs and kills two inmates who are threatening Dorian. Dorian puts it all together and decides to confide in Reverend Fulton [Steven Jon White], who relays the information to the warden. When Klostermann gets wind of it, however, he gets Santana to kill the warden and threatens to blame it on Dorian. That night, Santana picks up Karen Maxwell [Deneen Sherman] from her place of work and walks her home. Unbeknown to Santana, Reverend Fulton is watching him. The Rev follows Santana and Karen back to Karen's house, where he tells Karen that Santana is an escaped convict and cell-mate of her father and that Santana has come to harm or even kill her in retaliation for being crossed by Dorian. Rev Fulton fires 12 bullets into Santana, but he transforms into a vampire and kills them both. Meanwhile, Dorian has been fashioning a stake from a broom handle. When Santana returns to his cell, Dorian has rigged his bunk so that Santana is impaled on a stake when he lies down.One year later: Santana is back on the streets, and Joel is watching him. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]
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