William Roger Conners

Birth name:
Greggory Allen Grattan
Date of Birth:
16 July 1986 Westlake, Ohio, USA
6' (1.83 m)
William Roger Conners was born in Westlake, Ohio on July 16, 1986. His childhood was a rather tumultuous one, his parents divorcing while he was still an infant and his mother being diagnosed with cancer shortly there-after. He spent most of his adolescence tending to her as her illness grew more and more severe, eventually leading to her death in 2004. At the age of eighteen Roger was out on his own and, on a whim, decided that he would devote his time to pursuing his passion for film. In 2006, he was was cast as a lead in 529 Films "Hellementary: An Education in Death". Since then he has gone on to appear in multiple other horror films, including "Hellweek" and "Voodoo Rising", thus earning him the title of horrors first "Scream Queer", a spin on the term "Scream Queen". Inspired by his success in the B-Horror market, Roger completely changed his look to appeal to a broader audience. He continues to act to this day, often playing comedic as well as overtly-sexual gay side-characters, though he has proven that he is more then capable of portraying a far broader range of acting when it is required of him.
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