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Theo Kypri

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5' 10" (1.78 m)
Theo Kypri was born in London, England. He attended Highbury Grove Secondary School in Highbury, a stone's throw from The Arsenal soccer club, the area in which he grew up. A child with plenty of energy, Theo was Islington Tennis Champion at twelve and a keen soccer player, winning the double (League and Cup) for Penton FC the year before. He took up the sport of trampolining at the age of thirteen at school. After two years Theo made the Great Britain Youth Squad, the following year he became a Senior member of the British Trampoline Team. In 1994, he became the Men's British Champion and in the same year, achieved 8th position at The World Trampoline Championships in Portugal.In July 1996, Theo became a member of the British Register of Stunt Performers. His first job was on Shooting Fish (1997), stunt doubling Stuart Townsend.A holder of a US Green Card Theo is now based both in the UK and Los Angeles.