Sammi Hanratty photo

Sammi Hanratty

Birth name:
Samantha Hanratty
Date of Birth:
20 September 1995 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
4' 9" (1.45 m)
At the tender age of 14 years old, smart and talented Sammi Hanratty is quickly proving herself to be an amazing actress. Born on September 20, 1995, in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sammi is the youngest in a family of five girls, including an older sister named Danielle who is also an actress. From the young age of two, Sammi already knew what she wanted to do and began telling people that she wanted to be a TV star. It was that same year that she moved to Los Angeles. Sammi loved to entertain every single person that she met. At age six, her mom met with an agent in Los Angeles, and the next day she had six jobs lined up! Her first commercial was for Oil of Olay and it aired for two years. She has appeared in other commercials such as McDonalds, Swiffer, Build-A-Bear, GMAC Real Estate, America West Airlines, and Crasins. Perhaps Sammi's most known commercials though, are her two Pringles ones, which have left her with the nickname 'The Pringles Girl.'Besides commercials, Sammi's resume is filled with all sorts impressive roles. In April of 2006 her first TV movie premiered where she starred opposite Lacey Chabert as a young girl dealing with the death of her parents. This year, she can also be scene the mini-series 'Desperation', as well as Pirates of the Caribbean 2, even though the role is very minor. Her talent has also bought her a recurring role on the new series 'The Unit' with her sister Danielle, along with a lead role in the new movie 'Once in a Lifetime'. Sammi will also portray a girl named Kayly in another movie called 'Magic!'. During this busy year, she filmed 'Santa Clause 3' playing an Elf named Glenda.Sammi's success is not limited to the big screen, she also is seen often on a range of different TV shows. This includes popular TV series like Charmed, Cold Case, Drake and Josh, CSI: New York, House MD, Ashlee Simpson Show, That's So Raven, Passions, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Her resume is growing all of the time with roles like a SAG Independent Film with her sister Danielle, Quiet Dignity, which will soon go to film festivals. She is having the time of her life fulfilling her dreams.
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