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Sabrina Gennarino

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20 January 1978 Rochester, New York, USA
Sabrina Gennarino was born in Rochester, New York. She moved to New York City where she started a modeling career which ended quickly upon being forced into her first play, where she played two different roles after only two nights of rehearsal. She began to study with the incomparable Eric Loeb. He helped her find her voice and confidence. She booked her first full feature and then several independent shorts. Including her unbelievable role in H.R. Pukenshette, where she portrays the kick ass ex-girlfriend from hell. She has gone on to star in "Bum Runner" with Joe Reitman, "Virgin Larry" by The Leupp Brothers, and the full feature "Fortunes" starring Mike McGlone and James Urbaniak. She had yet another breaking in performance with her role in the indie feature, "The Fall Before Paradise," directed by Steven Gillilan. Every single one of her films has gone on to win awards at various film festivals around the globe.Sabrina has also flexed her muscle with some of the heaviest hitters on the small screen. Starring opposite Joe Pantoliano as Nina on "The Soprano's," Officer Alctazi on "The Guiding Light" and an Emmy worthy performance as Marla on Lifetime's "Strong Medicine."She is currently starring in Jake Kennedy's, "Days of Darkness."Wrote, produced, and starred in "The Hypocritic Oath" which will be seen in 2008.Sabrina spends most of her time working with dog rescues and other charities. She just opened "The Button Ranch" ,a placement and rescue center for animals, in honor of her dog Alex who past away in early 2006. She has four dogs Ely, Amee-Later, Rocket "Man" and Dexter McFloraphan. She has a cat named Ella Marie. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her producing partner and husband, Pieter Gaspersz.
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