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Russell G. Jones is a year veteran of New York theater. He has been a member of The LAByrinth Theatre Company since 1995. Russell has originated several roles in published plays including, Greer in, "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings", Paul in "Den of Thieves" and Flip in "Our Lady of 121st Street', all by Stephen Adly Guirgis. Nozemokeen Brown in "Life's Losses Loved", and Seamus in "The Death of Don Flagrante Delicto" both by modern day verse playwright Kirk Wood Bromley.His characterizations have been called:delightfully earnest and fatuous, a gem of the genre, and the moving force of most of the show.He shared The 2000 Screen Actors Guild, most outstanding ensemble award, for Mark,the clerk to Michael Douglas's Judge in "Traffic". He was given the Best Actor Award at the 2006 San Diego Noir Festival, for Vincent in "Turntable".Russell has worked as a Teaching Artist in the Tri-State area for 11 years.